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Yahoo!’s Pulse On the Internet Flatlines

Business Insider reports that Yahoo’s internet traffic has been steadily decreasing since 2008. In 2008 people spent a total of 13.8% of their time on the site and as of this first quarter of 2012, 8% was all that was left of that number. Business Insider recently unveiled their new BI Intelligence service and they have used it to produce …

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Yahoo CEO to Outline New Plans Next Week

If you recall, Wednesday Yahoo Inc. announced their definitive intention to layoff over two thousand members of their current workforce. Later that same day, CEO Scott Thompson introduced a letter to his fellow Yahoo employees describing the need for downsizing and restructuring in their organization. In the letter he addressed each of the core components to Yahoo’s business model, and …

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Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson: Letter To His Employees

You’ve got it, Yahoo! officially confirmed their “real changes” and huge restructuring and downsizing of the internet giant today. Now, Scott Thompson CEO of Yahoo has issued a letter to his employees regarding the changes at Yahoo, obtained by the Wall Street Journal. I think you should give it a read. It’s a sad day for many employees at Yahoo, …

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Yahoo Axes Their Workforce Today! [Updated]

Business Insider confirms that today is the day for Yahoo employees to find out if they will have a future at the company. Rumors have been circulating in Silicone Valley for months and for the past couple of weeks CEO Scott Thompson has been meeting with members of the management team to devise a new structure. Part of this “real …

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Yahoo Layoffs and Restructuring About To Begin

According to multiple sources, Yahoo is getting ready for a big restructuring initiative and the first part of those changes will be laying off a significant portion of their workforce. Yahoo currently employs over 13,000 people, but plans to slowly shrink the size of the workforce will be put into place next week. Rumors suggest that the first cuts will …

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