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Yahoo India Continuing To Add Employees
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Way back in February, we reported that Yahoo India planned to add around 500 new employees even as the rest of the company fell apart.  Unsurprisingly, the company changed its mind, but the interesting thing is that the rate of hiring has been accelerated.

Yahoo India Looking for Travel Partner

Business Standard has reported that Yahoo! India is looking for a partner in India to offer travel related services. George Zacharias, MD, Yahoo! India has said that “We want to be in this space and we should be finalising our partner pretty soon.”

Yahoo India (Sort Of) Apologizes For Stolen Recipe

Almost two months ago, Yahoo India was accused of redistributing a woman’s recipes without her permission.  Now the company is apologizing (in a corporate-speak kind of way).  Yahoo is also blaming the incident on another business.

Yahoo India Denies Stealing Recipes
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Following claims that Yahoo India stole content from some other businesses’ blogs, the company’s representatives want everyone to know that “we do not admit of [sic] any copyright violation.” The content in question, by the way, was a recipe.