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CNET’s Scott Ard to Oversee the Most Visited Page in the U.S.

The search for a CEO may still be going on at Yahoo, but the company has acquired CNET editor-in-chief to become editor of its U.S. home page. This is pretty significant given that this is the most visited page on the Internet in the U.S. (according to Yahoo). “Yahoo!’s homepage receives over 1 billion monthly clicks and 34 million daily …

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Canada Gets its New Yahoo Home Page

Yahoo has announced the launch of a new homepage for its Canadian users (an effort the company says will bring together the "best of the web with the best of Yahoo”). The home page lets users add apps, much like the current US version.

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Yahoo Launches Spanish Version of Mobile Home Page

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mobile in Spanish. This is a Spanish-language version of the Yahoo Mobile home page, which is customized specifically for U.S. Hispanic consumers, and is available on over 1,900 devices.

"By bringing together U.S. Hispanic consumers’ favorite content and services from across the Internet, Yahoo! Mobile en Español enables users to create both culturally and personally relevant mobile experiences," a spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebPronews.

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Yahoo’s Big Redesign Emerges

Yahoo is in the process of rolling out its new home page design. The design has been widely discussed since last year, but is finally making its way throughout the US.

While the design does not appear to be available to all of us yet, some have been fortunate enough to experience it, and consider it an improvement.

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