Yahoo China Articles

China’s Search Market Grew In Fourth Quarter
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The past year wasn’t a bad one for the Chinese search market.  A new report from Analysys International points to impressive growth in overall revenues, and the top two players both managed to increase their presence and popularity.

Google, Yahoo Tied To Baidu’s Unlicensed Doctor Scandal

Not long ago, China’s top search engine was caught selling high search rankings to unlicensed doctors.  The uproar that resulted hurt its reputation, caused earnings estimates to get lowered, and culminated in a personal apology from the CEO.  Now, the Chinese arms of Google and Yahoo have been accused of doing something similar.

Alibaba May IPO

The Alibaba Group, which took over Yahoo China in 2005, is now preparing to hold an IPO on the Hong Kong stock market.  Other details, such as “when” and “how much,” remain largely unknown.

Major Record Labels Go After Yahoo China

A consortium of record labels which include Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have filed suit against Alibaba, which is an operator affiliated with Yahoo China, alleging copyright infringement by the site. The announcement comes as record labels, along with the RIAA, are cracking down harder than ever on digital music piracy.

It’s been an up and down week for digital music aficionados, and it’s only Tuesday.

Yahoo China Goes Vertical

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma plans to remake Yahoo China into a more business-focused vertical search engine.

Yahoo China Wages War On Qihoo
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Yahoo China is preparing to file an aggressive new lawsuit against Qihoo, a rival portal. The case will reportedly target Qihoo’s founder (and former president of Yahoo China), Zhou Hongyi, by claiming “that Zhou has embezzled from Yahoo China and defrauded it.”

Yahoo China Draws Music Label Wrath

Alibaba, the parent company of Yahoo China since buying it from Yahoo for $750 million last year, now faces another expense – music copyright infringement.