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Yahoo’s Reconditioned Board will Reconvene Next Week

Yahoo and their board of directors have been through a lot lately. Most recently they have lost their CEO, Scott Thompson after a brutal proxy battle with activist shareholder Dan Loeb. They have also lost Pati Hart, co-founder Jerry Yang, and longtime chairman, Roy Bostock. Next week, the Yahoo board of director will reconvene, but with a fresh configuration and …

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Yahoo Ready to Find Replacement CEO

Yahoo is ready to start searching for a new CEO. As you may recall, Scott Thompson resigned after a rather lengthy proxy battle with activist investor Dan Loeb a his investment firm, Third Point. The surprising climax of that battle was the unearthing of a critical oversight on then current CEO, Scott Thompson’s credentials, claiming he held a computer science …

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Scott Thompson Steps Down From F5 and Splunk Inc.

Scott Thompson’s not so subtle departure from Yahoo left some wondering if he in fact, does have health problems or just fabricated a clever excuse to sidestep allegations that he intentionally perpetuated the myth that he held a bachelors degree in computer science. In any event, he stepped down as CEO of Yahoo and now we find he has also …

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