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Leaked Document Outlines Impending Yahoo Shutdowns

Fans of AltaVista, Delicious, Fire Eagle, and Yahoo Buzz – along with many other Yahoo properties – may want to devise a backup plan.  A leaked corporate document indicates that a number of sites are due to be shut down, and more than a few others will in some way be merged.

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Google: “Buzz” Is Not a Trademarked Term

Yesterday Google launched its new product called Google Buzz. The name immediately brought to mind a similarly titled product from another major search player – one of Google’s oldest rival’s – Yahoo. Yahoo has Yahoo Buzz, which isn’t exactly he same kind of product as Google Buzz, but it was still worth questioning why Google would choose "Buzz" as the name of its new product.

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Who’s Got The Buzz: Yahoo or Google?

UPDATE: Google’s Victoria Katsarou tells WebProNews…

"We chose the name Buzz because of the word’s connotations of activity, conversations, sharing of information… Buzz’ is not a trademarked term."

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Would Jesus Game Digg?

The United States Marines, the Mormon Church, and the Korean Department of Tourism are all paying Australian-based uSocial to game for them, according to a blog post at the Los Angeles Times.

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Yahoo Buzz Opens Submission System

A little less than a month ago, Google announced that it had indexed 1 trillion unique URLs.  In a slightly apples to oranges comparison, the 400 or so publishers connected to Yahoo Buzz seemed like a tiny group.  Now, however, Yahoo Buzz is knocking down all its barriers.

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Yahoo Buzzing After Digg

As expected by its model, Yahoo Buzz sends plenty of traffic to the news publishers who have agreements in place with Yahoo to be part of their new social media site.

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