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MPA Sues Chinese Web Site Over Piracy
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Six members of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) have filed copyright infringement suits against Chinese file-sharing company Xunlei Networking Technology and are seeking 7 million yuan ($1 million). The company is partially owned by Google who has had its fair share of copyright battles in the U.S.

The MPA is also asking for a public admission of the copyright infringement and a promise from Xunlei to halt any future infringements.

MPA Says Google Is Evil
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Google’s partner in China, Shenshen Xunlei Networking Technologies is under scrutiny for allegedly encouraging piracy according to the Motion Picture Association.

Google Buys Stake in Xunlei

Google announced on Thursday that it would purchase a small state in Chinese web site Xunlei.com. The company, located in Shenzen, allows users to download music and video from the Internet.