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Microsoft Prolongs XP’s Life Yet Again
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Windows XP is, in a sense, like a horror movie franchise that the studio just won’t let die.  Microsoft has said it will deliver XP licenses up until May 30th, 2009, even though January 31st of the same year was supposed to represent a death date of sorts.

Gamers Sticking With XP, Searching For Wii
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Go to a retailer like Target early some morning, and you’ll likely find a group of non-employees waiting to be let in.  When the doors open, a race to the electronics department ensues, and the cashiers get busy.  So since gamers are so willing to spend money, two new reports take a look at where their interests lie.

Hard Times For Vista
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In an earlier article about Apple’s domination of the American Customer Service Index (ACSI), it was touched upon that the overall dissatisfaction with Windows Vista may have been a key factor in propelling Apple up the charts.

I have not seen a Taiwanese equivalent to the ACSI, but it is pretty evident that some people in Taiwan aren’t real fond of Vista either.

Microsoft’s Response to 75,000 XP Sigs: “Meh”
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You can almost imagine some skinny guy standing in front of large crowd. 

The crowd yells, "Let XP live!"  The skinny guy fidgets, and responds, "Um, we need more feedback." 

Yes, this is Microsoft PR at its best, folks.

Businesses May Permanently “Pass” On Vista
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Not too long after Hotchkis Sport Suspension released sway bars for the Toyota Matrix, the Matrix community discovered that they had a tendency to crack.  Hotchkis was great about replacing the bars, but many owners nonetheless waited to buy from a redesigned second batch.  Now, businesses that aren’t fond of Vista may just hold onto XP until 2010.

DirectX 10: Forcing Gamers Into Vista Upgrades?

Many users who have grown accustomed to the functionality of Windows XP have been reluctant to take the plunge and upgrade their operating systems to Vista. Users who are heavily involved in gaming, however, are beginning to find that the choice in operating system has already been made for them.

Run XP on a Mac? Cool!

Apple today announced Boot Camp, which lets you run Windows XP on one of those new Macintoshes. Very interesting! The bloggers go wild!