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Big Xing Stake Snapped Up By Burda Media

A major change has taken place behind the scenes at Xing, the business networking company based in Hamburg, Germany.  Burda Media is now the primary shareholder due to a transaction that saw it purchase a lot of stock from Cinco Capital GmbH.

Burda bought a whopping 1,323,041 shares for €36.50 each (which works out to about $72.3 million).  It controls a 25.1 percent stake in Xing as a result.  This wasn’t any sort of hostile takeover, though.

Social Networks and the Importance of Trust
2008 will be the year of business networking, says Bernard Lunn, who offers six predictions about some of the social networks that are getting a lot of attention at the moment – Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Plaxo.

Xing Prepares News Feed Feature

Facebook had it first, and then MySpace beat this company to the punch.  But the concept of a news feed has now spread to Xing, the professional networking site.

Xing’s Membership Hits Four Million Mark

When we last checked in on Xing, the Hamburg-based business network had two million members.  Now, less than three months later, it’s hit four.  How’s that for progress?

Xing, ZoomInfo Partner
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Xing and ZoomInfo have just partnered, leaving LinkedIn out in the cold.  But that’s okay, says LinkedIn’s CEO – he doesn’t really approve of those two, anyway.

Xing, ZoomInfo Partner
Xing, ZoomInfo Partner

LinkedIn Gets “HookedUp” With $13 Million

LinkedIn has been done pretty well for itself; over 9 million “experienced professionals” have joined the online network, and a value of about $250 million was placed on the company. It’s surprising, then, that LinkedIn recently went to the trouble of collecting $12.8 million more in a round of financing.