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Adam Sessler Leaves Rev3 Games, Joins Game Consultancy Firm

Adam Sessler is probably the most recognizable games journalist in the country. He’s been talking about games in front of a camera for over a decade at G4 and Rev3 Games. After all that time, he’s now ready to move on. Sessler announced today on his personal blog that he’ll be leaving Rev3 Games to “explore new opportunities:” After some …

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G4 Canceling All Of Its Gaming Programming, Including X-Play And Attack Of The Show

G4, and Tech TV before it, was the one-stop destination for many gamers looking to find something even remotely relevant to their interests on television. The quality had gone downhill over the years, but at least X-Play and Attack of the Show were around to keep things interesting. Hopes of a resurgence were squashed earlier this year when the two …

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Adam Sessler And G4 Part Ways

It could be argued that G4 is a shell of its former self and many people would agree with you. One of the few decent things that G4 is still airing would be X-Play. Unfortunately, it looks like that too is going down the drain with host Adam Sessler’s departure. Kotaku broke the news today that Adam Sessler, host of …

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