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Ashley Judd Releases Statement On Tracking Device

Ashley Judd released a statement on Wednesday regarding the tracking device she found on her car, but she didn’t go into detail about who is responsible or why. News broke earlier this week that Judd’s sister, country star Wynonna, had placed the device on her car because of a “custody battle” between the two, though it’s not clear who is …

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Wynonna Judd: Did She Spy on Sister Ashley Judd?

Wynonna Judd reportedly put a tracking device on sister Ashley Judd’s car in an effort to spy on her. This is according to Ashley, who claims as much in legal documents she recently filed. In the report filed just last month, her mechanic in Tennessee found a wireless GPS tracking device on her car. She believes Wynonna is behind it …

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Ashley Judd: Did Sister Wynonna Put A Tracking Device On Her Car?

Ashley Judd is reportedly accusing her sister, country star Wynonna Judd, of having a GPS tracking device placed on her car without her knowledge. Details surrounding the strange case are scant right now, but it apparently involves a minor and a custody battle that has been ongoing between the sisters. The teenager reportedly drove the car, a Mini Cooper, to …

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Wynonna Judd Talks Husband’s Near Death Experience

Newlyweds should not have to worry about near-death experiences. They shouldn’t have to spend their honeymoon in a hospital, and they shouldn’t have to be concerned about whether or not their partner will ever be able to walk again. Even though all of these things shouldn’t happen to a newly married couple, it is exactly what happened to Wynonna Judd …

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Wynonna Judd Talks About Husband’s Near Death Wreck

Wynonna Judd recently discussed the details of her husband’s near-death motorcycle wreck that caused him to have his leg amputated only two months after their wedding. Wynonna’s husband is musician Michael “Cactus” Moser and she decided to open up about the details of the accident to ET in a recent interview. “I will never forget that smell nor that sound …

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Wynonna Judd’s Husband Loses Leg In Motorcycle Crash

Wynonna Judd, who only recently married husband Cactus Moser in June, is now at his side in a South Dakota hospital as he undergoes painful surgeries to repair the damage done in a motorcycle accident. The couple were both riding bikes in Deadwood, South Dakota on August 18th when Moser crossed the center line and struck a car, throwing him …

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