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Rosie The Riveter Plant May Be Lost To A Wrecking Ball

The iconic Michigan Plant where thousands of women constructed B-24 bombers during World War II faces its own battle this week with a wrecking ball. The Willow Run bomber plant in Ypsilanti has two days to come up with $1 million to keep its doors and history intact. A group leading the “Save the Bomber” campaign has raised $7 million …

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Bill Guarnere, of Band of Brothers Fame, Dies at 90

William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, Sr. was rushed to a hospital from his home in Philadelphia Saturday morning. By the time Saturday night had arrived, Guarenere had died from a ruptured stomach aneurysm. Guarnere was 90 years old. Bill Guarnere rose to fame in the United States after the production of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers in 2001. The miniseries …

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Clooney’s ‘The Monuments Men’ Delayed to 2014

Back in September, Pixar’s massive release date pushback gave moviegoers the prospect of a 2014 without a single Pixar movie. Now, with less than two months to go before its original release date, the George Clooney movie The Monuments Men has been delayed to 2014, The L.A. Times is reporting that the movie has been delayed to sometime in early …

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Rosie the Riveter Still Riveting at 93

Elinor Otto, 93, was one of the original “Rosie the Riveter” girls, celebrated in the popular song and poster of the same name. She first joined the workforce as a single mom in 1942, piecing together planes at Rohr Aircraft Corporation in Chula Vista to support the war effort. “Rosies” were women, left behind, who supported the war effort by …

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Massacre Oradour: German Leader Visits WWII Site

The year is 1944, and it is June 10, a Saturday. It is idyllic and serene in Oradour-sur-Glane, or it would be, if the threat of war had not cast its shadow over the small town’s residents. In an instance of cruelty and despicable nature that seems only befitting to the Nazi party of Germany, the small town was completely …

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Auschwitz Guards Under Investigation

The atrocities inflicted almost 70 years ago during World War II may be gone, but they are certainly not forgotten. The German special prosecutors’ office responsible for investigating Nazi war crimes has released recommendations to consider charges against Auschwitz guards serving during that time. Though the acts have gone unpunished for decades, recent investigative efforts have unearthed information that may …

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