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U.S. Pushes WTO For Panel On High-Tech Tariffs

The United States has asked the World Trade Organization to create a panel to settle a dispute with the European Union over tariffs on high-tech items.

The request is an escalation in an increasingly bitter dispute over the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement (ITA), which abolished duties on a number of high-tech goods from July 1997 to encourage trade.

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Antigua Wins Ruling In U.S. Online Gambling Case

A ruling from World Trade Organization arbitrators will allow the Caribbean nation of Antigua to suspend its intellectual property obligation to the United States to compensate for the U.S. prohibition of online gambling.

The decision will allow Antigua to take copyright-protected U.S. goods, like CDs and software and sell them without copyright protection. The value of the goods can total up to $21 million annually to compensate for the financial loss the country has suffered.

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