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Meet the Internet Posting Removal Act, an Illinois Bill That’ll Make Your Head Spin

State lawmakers all across the country busy at work crafting ridiculous, head-spinning laws can take the day off. There is no way they can top this. A new bill proposed in the Illinois State Senate looks to completely wipe out any form of anonymity on the internet by requiring that the operators of basically any website on the entire internet …

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Utah Man Who Live-Facebooked His Standoff with Police Sentenced

It’s always nice to check back in on some of our favorite Facebook-using criminals. This time, we have an update for now-38-year-old Jason Valdez from Ogden, Utah. Back in June, 2011, Valdez holed up in a motel room for 16 hours in a standoff with police. Inside the room with him was a single hostage, Veronica Jensen. You can see …

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‘Sleep-Texting’ Is Your New Excuse When You Late-Night Booty Call Your Ex

Hello there indiscriminate texters! I’m here to offer you a new solution to all of those embarrassing late-night texts that you send to your exes. It’s much better than saying you were drunk, because even that implies some sort of consciousness. May I present to you, “sleep-texting.” “It’s just what you’d think it is, it’s texting while asleep,” says Elizabeth …

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Trying To Impregnate The Neighbor’s Horse Is Not How You Get Back At Your Girlfriend

Half-human/half-animal creatures have always seemed strange to me. How exactly do these creatures come to be? Are they the result of some strange crossbreeding experiment gone wrong, or just good old fashioned magic? One Texas man decided he would try the former and see what happens. Andres Mendozza, a 29-year-old from Texas, was recently arrested after trying to have sex …

Read More Sued Over Relationship That Ended in Attempted Murder

50-year-old Mary Kay Beckman has filed a $10 million lawsuit against dating site, placing blame on them for a 2011 incident that left her nearly dead. In September of 2010, Beckman met her “match” on the site, 53-year-old Wade Ridley. But after just eight days, she decided to break it off. Four months later, he broke into her house …

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French Government Ditches ‘Hashtag’ for ‘mot-dièse’

In an attempt to “encourage the presence of the French language on social media networks” against the influx of English language domination of the web, as well as to just be plain difficult, the French government is suggesting that people quit using the term “hashtag.” Instead, they suggest that people use the French term “mot-dièse,” which literally translates to “sharp …

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Python On Plane Wing Is Your WTF Story Of The Day [Video]

I promise not to make any stupid “Snakes on a Plane” jokes. A Python was spotted on the wing of a Quantas Airways plane during a two-hour flight from Cairns, Australia to Papua New Guinea. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the serpent was spotted by a passenger about 20 minutes into the flight, in an incident that more closely …

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That “Violent” Video Game-Burning Party Has Been Canceled Because They Already Made Their Point, Apparently

SouthingtonSOS, a community organization based in Southington, Connecticut, has announced that they are canceling their “Violent Video Games Return” event, as the media surrounding it has been enough to meet their goals. The event, first announced at the beginning of this month, asked people to bring in their copies of “violent” video games, movies, and CDs, to be broken, tossed …

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Freddy E, Rapper and YouTube Star, Live-Tweets His Suicide

There’s not a whole lot you can say about this, except that it’s incredibly sad. Seattle-based rapper and YouTube star (JERKTV) Frederick Eugene Buhl, better known as Freddy E, has taken his own life. Not only that, but he broadcast the moments leading up to the suicide on Twitter. What follows is the series of tweets sent out to his …

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill Tweets the Racist Complaint Letter She Received

Today, ESPN reporter Jemele Hill took the time to tweet out a letter she received from a disgruntled ESPN radio listener, and boy is it a doozy. “I gotta say, this guy executed the hat trick of racial slurs,” she tweeted out to her 138,000+ followers. Hill is a columnist for ESPN, but also makes many appearances on ESPN Radio …

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Town Schedules ‘Violent Video Game’ Burning Party Because That’s Obviously an Appropriate Response to Anything

The town of Southington, Connecticut apparently thinks that destroying “violent” video games, music, and movies is an act of “responsible citizenship.” On Saturday, January 12th, the town is sponsoring a “Violent Video Games Return Program” that asks people to bring their discs to a local theatre, break them, and toss them in a dumpster. Polygon says that the disposed-of games, …

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It’s Christmas, Don’t Forget the Twin Peaks 12 Days of Christmas Song

I don’t know where you come from, but where I’m from it’s not really Christmas until you’ve enjoyed the delightfully odd version of the song Twelve Days of Christmas, as sung by cast members of the show Twin Peaks. Did I say enjoyed? I meant survived. Yes, it’s kind of a grueling listen. But also awesome. Check it out:

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