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CNN Producers Arrested Trying to Get into World Trade Center Site to Cover Recent Break-ins of the WTC Site

Two CNN producers have failed at something a set of BASE jumpers and a 16-year-old parkour enthusiast succeeded in doing: getting past security and scaling the World Trade Center. Reuters reports that 35-year-old Yon Pomrenze and 26-year-old Conner Fieldman Boals were arrested and charged with criminal trespass, obstruction of governmental administration, and disorderly conduct after attempting to bypass security at …

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World Trade Center Parkour Stunt Climber Caught

Justin Casquejo is a daredevil. And he is not alone. Casquejo is part of a team of young folks who get their thrills from scaling heights, running obstacles, and collecting proof that they conquered things that most folks would be fearful of going near. Casquejo and his friends call themselves Team Destiny, and they are parkour aficionados. Parkour is a …

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One World Trade Center: New Tower Already Source Of Hope

One World Trade Center: four words that bring on a wave of heartache, memories, love, fear, and pain to just about every American. In New York, the dramatically altered skyline has gradually been accepted, if only because the knowledge that the dark recesses of sky would be filled once again. While the new tower won’t be completed until 2014, its …

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