WSJ Articles

Google to Make Major Move into Selling Videos

Reuters reports via the WSJ Google will allow users of its site to buy videos from content partners in an upgrade to its video-search service.

Some Online Content Is Worth Paying For

Some months ago, I let my annual subscription to the Wall Street Journal Online lapse. I’ve been a subscriber for some years, but decided not to renew the subscription.

Microsoft May Settle RealNetworks Tiff

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Microsoft and RealNetworks are nearing a settlement of their two-year antitrust tiff, an agreement that will have Microsoft paying out $750 million in cash and promotions.

MSN adCenter Announcement Reported by WSJ

I’ve been speaking to journalists about the new MSN adCenter and they all tell me that they are under embargo until Wednesday.

Well, someone over at the WSJ didn’t get that memo. They went ahead and posted their story Tuesday night. The article reveals – so I’ll comment – details of the demographic data that MSN adCenter advertisers will have access to.

WSJ Extols Business Blogging

Wall Street Journal: The blog as business tool has arrived. Some eight million Americans now publish blogs and 32 million people read them …

Businesses Blogging … or Not

It’s always great to me one paper will publish a “businesses are adopting blogs” article – this time …

P&G, Gillette Merger Facts

Reuters offers 5 Five Facts on P & G and Gillette merger. Those are listed below plus other interesting facts about this huge merger.

WSJ on Consumer-Generated Media

Wall Street Journal Online details how more companies are using blogs as a market research device.