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State of Denial at WSJ & USA Today?

Perhaps the joke “What’s black and white and read all over?” should be updated to “What’s black and white and in the red all over?

My defense and love of print media is well-documented. But the following scenario seems the exact opposite of smart.

Automated Content Development & Moral Dilemmas
Fantomaster had a great comment about whether automated content generation is moral:

Murdoch Would Bolster WSJ’s Digital Presence

The letter has it all – bold print, bullet points, and italics.  It’s 1,200 words long.  And it’s signed by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.  That’s right – Murdoch’s most recent communication regarding a Dow Jones takeover has been published by The Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones property.

Which may not have been what the billionaire intended.  “We are disappointed, as I imagine you are, that the details of our proposal and the discussion of the merits of a potential combination have become a matter of public debate,” he wrote to the Bancroft family (which owns Dow Jones).  Yet the letter was unfailingly courteous, and modesty ruled the day.

EMI Drops DRM Restrictions On iTunes
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Crusaders against Digital Rights Management (DRM) believe the practice does nothing to curtail music piracy while placing unnecessary restrictions on downloaded audio content. In a move that should please the anti-DRM contingent, EMI has announced that it will remove the restriction from its tracks on iTunes.

Is DoubleClick for Sale Again?
It’s been just under two years since internet advertising powerhouse, DoubleClick, was bought for $1.1 billion. Now, according to the WSJ (sub), it’s once again looking for a new suitor.

WSJ Gives Thumbs Up to Link Baiting

Hat’s off to Kelly Spors for helping to keep WSJ readers up to date on the latest marketing buzz. In today’s weekly roundup of news, she explains the art of link baiting…

Here’s a new catchphrase in search-engine optimization these days: Link baiting.

Blogger Reaches The Senate

When Republican Senator Mitch McConnell returned to Washington to get to work, he brought along Jon Henke to serve in a position in the US Senate.

WSJ Takes Issue With Blogs

The mainstream media has been accused many times of either misunderstanding or fearing the blogosphere. Since the Wall Street Journal is as mainstream as the Mississippi River, a damning indictment of blogs should carry some weight. Unless you look at it a little more closely.

Time to Schedule Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

The WSJ tackles a reader question about the best time to schedule PPC ads. Of course, WSJ knowing nothing about the subject, turns to recent comScore data for its answer.

Google Brings Yahoo and Microsoft into Publishing Fight

Google’s decided, “if we’re going to be sued for our book-scanning project, then so should our friends.”

WSJ Goes OMG Over Facebook Drama

Seriously, who let the hyperbole out?

Small Businesses Turn to Local Advertising

The WSJ looks at how small companies are turning to local ad solutions in order to spread the word at lower cost.

Mark Cuban to Host Radio Show on Sirius

Billionaire tech entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is getting his own radio show, according to the WSJ (sub).

Alan Meckler and Jason Calacanis Face Off

The WSJ has Meckler and Calacanis discussing whether the typical blogger can make money from their blog.

Bloggers Should Think Coo-petition, Not Competition

Jason Calacanis chastises the WSJ for not directly linking to bloggers. He wants the WSJ to give blogs the credit of a direct link rather than hiding behind Javascript code. That’s touching.

Your Ad Could be Shown Alongside Risque Content

Despite most companies’ efforts to ensure their ads are not run alongside inappropriate content, the WSJ reports many advertisers are seeing their ads appearing in unexpected places.

Could Google Romance Become Reality?

The Motley Fool suggests that the recent Google Romance April Fools joke, could become a reality in the near future. Why?

More Blogging From The WSJ

The Wall Street Journal’s Law blog now has a sibling, with the Washington Wire blog debuting in March from the publisher.

Google Names Head of Philanthropy

According to the WSJ, Google has named 61 year old Larry Brilliant to head-up their Google.org philanthropic group.

WSJ, EFF Seething Over Blogs, Google

A sense of general unhappiness pervaded over a couple of issues, with the Wall Street Journal hinting at A-list blog types not fully disclosing their relationships with startups while the Electronic Frontier Foundation blasted Google’s Desktop 3 for its potential privacy threats.

Blogger Disclosure Practices Tested

If nothing else, this piece in the WSJ underscores the argument that bloggers are not journalists, or as Brian Oberkirch rightly puts it, “personal blogs are not media.”

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