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10 Tips For Writing A Highly Persuasive Ad
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Are you a network marketer or an affiliate struggling to convert your web site visitors into eager sign-ups or buying customers? While there could be many reasons why you’re not receiving the sign-ups and customers you deserve, the first thing you should consider is your ad copy.

Better writing through blogging

Blogging improves your writing skills…Better writing ability, and an enhanced ability to express yourself in print, is a rarely thought about benefit of blogging.

Writing Web Page Titles to Enhance Your Site Exposure

Pay attention to the titles of your web pages. They are more important than most web authors realize. If you understand why the title is so important, you can write web page titles that will enhance your site exposure and will attract more visitors to your web site.

The Two Fundamental Skills of Web Writing

Writing for how people search and writing quality links are the two fundamental skills of web writing. Think carefully about search behavior and make sure your links are always clear and logical.

7 Secrets to Writing Inventory Procedures

With 1 Million would you:

Writing Better Web Page Titles

One of the easiest things you can do to optimize a web page is to write a better title for it. Aside from writing great content, learning how to write better titles is the best thing you can do for your web page. I’ll start with the basics of a page title and then move into more advanced discussion.

Marketers, Get to Know Joe Blog

Posting’s been light the last few days, for no real reason other than my laziness, but some issues have been stewing in the back of my head and I’ll be posting more on them here shortly…

Guest blogging: Higher profile

Guest blogging.
It’s definitely something you should consider doing as a blogger.
If you have a blog, having occasional guest bloggers appear on your own blog, is often a good idea as well.

Keyword Writing: Internet Marketing That Works

Many clients of Sidhe Communications, http://www.sidhecommunications.com, want to know how to increase web traffic.

Writing An Effective, Profit Producing Ad

One of the biggest challenges for most Internet Marketers is writing effective ad copy. This is hardly surprising. Most marketers are not professional writers and writing ad copy is a difficult skill for beginning marketers to master. Here are some tips that might assist you in writing an effective, profit-producind ad.

Zany Ideas That Increase Writing Productivity And Quality

Welcome to the zany ideas of a productive writer. My students keep reminding me of my unusual tools and how helpful they have been for them. I also thank my students for their concept testing and refinement. Now, I feel much more confidant about sending them out into the world.

Writing Effective ALT Text For Images

Anyone who knows anything about web accessibility knows that images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them.

Apple PR, Catch a Tiger by the Head…

Tiger, the title of Apple’s latest OS, officially hits store shelves tomorrow, which means today the gates swing open for all the major media outlets …

Secrets to Writing Powerful Press Releases

Using press releases for marketing purposes has become increasingly popular lately.

Tips For Successful Media Relations

If you’re a PR pro, you have your text books and you’ve done the training on how to relate to journalists and how to handle media interviews.

Writing Optimized Articles

I’ve been writing lots of stuff about how to write optimized content (visit http://www.amrithallan.com/optimized-content.asp to see what’s optimized content) for web pages.

IBM Has 2,800 Internal Blogs

Like many companies, especially in the tech industry, IBM is no stranger to public blogs with more than 20 employees listed at the developer blogs’ portal.

Search Engine Strategies NYC – February 28-March 3

Search Engine Strategies is next Monday… you needed a reminder, didn’t you … As the show is being held in New York, the theme is going to focus a little more on the “marketing” aspects of SEM …

Writing Marketing Copy That Sells

When your prospects see your marketing materials, your brochure, your web site or your ads you want them to read them.

Writing and Compiling C programs on Linux

Most Linux and Unix programs are written in C. When you download source for a project, it will often be C or C++ source code. You don’t necessarily need to know a darn thing about C or anything else to compile the source if you aren’t changing it. It may be helpful for you to understand a bit if you are having problems with the compile, but even that isn’t really necessary.

How to Start Writing Policies and Procedures

Any old policy and procedure format saves time by not having to start from scratch, right? Well, not necessarily.