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The Writing Style of Your Company’s Blog

I was honored to speak yesterday on corporate blogging in DC, as a joint event put on by Merry Bruns and DC Web Women. The two other speakers, Scott Briscoe of ASAE, and Lorelei Brown of the Natl Association of Realtors, are both longtime bloggers and we had a great time sharing our experience on how the business world looks at blogging.

News Article Design: 20 Tips For Good Web Copy
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Clean is better. Eye-tracking studies say so. Web copy should be bulleted, concise, easy. Photos should be informative, not decorative. White space is good. And guys like looking at George Brett’s protective cup.

You weren’t expecting that last part were you?

I wasn’t either. But this post on effective news article design proves it.

Newspapers have had trouble transitioning from print to the Web. They’re used to doing things differently.

Yahoo’s Super Duper Widget-tastic Mobile Deal

You can’t BS a BSer they say, which is why I’m here, to translate Yahoo’s double press release about their new partnership with High Tech Computer (HTC) to distribute Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 to a number of Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices.

Ask Documents Earthquake, Death Of Google Pen
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Ask.com is based in Oakland, California, and as many people know, the region experienced a minor earthquake late last week. For Ask, this was an opportunity to plug its Earthquake Search. The Ask.com team also took a moment to note one casualty: a Google pen.

How Good of a Blog Writer are You?

Two nights ago I got upset about something and did one of the two curious things I tend to do when I get

Write for them, personally

When you write for your customers, you’d rather address them directly in your site copy, instead of speaking about the product, vague benefits or even your company.

Vital Keys To Writing A Sales Letter

Effective sales letter writing skills are imperative for the web business owner or entrepreneur.

Technical Writing

The educational background required in technical writing is demanding, because of the inherent difficulty of the job.

How To Write Press Releases For Web Reporters
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As an e-commerce journalist, my inbox is flooded with press releases. I choose, maybe, two percent of them to cover. That’s a generous estimate. Why so few? Sometimes it’s because of a plate already full, or an irrelevant or uninteresting topic (so-and-so promoted to VP of something or other). But most of the time, it’s because of poor writing.

Redefining Quality Content For The Web

When I first started writing for the web as a freelancer, my conception of content was, naturally, focused on writing. As I was drawn further and further into the online world and my understanding of the web grew, I realized that content applies to a broader spectrum of web-related mediums besides writing. Recently I was browsing online and thinking about some forums I’d visited that were debating the definitions of quality content; needless to say, it got me thinking.

Tips for Writing a Compelling Resume
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Resumes have come a long way since they were just typed pages that chronologically listed employment histories, job duties, and educational qualifications. Hiring managers are inundated with hundreds of Resumes that still follow “old school”.

Writing Copy Session at PubCon Vegas

First up is …

Jason Calacanis Has Left AOL

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – the Jason Calacanis era at AOL appears to be over.

Your Writing Blueprint

Rich guy T. Harv Eker recently wrote a book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. In it, he says each of us has a financial blueprint that was imprinted on us by our parents and grandparents in their spoken and unspoken messages about money. In other words, we tend to replicate the money habits we learned in our youth. So what does that have to do with copywriting?

The Sound Of Your Blogging Voice

“To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.”

Linden Lab Taking Heat

Linden Lab, the company behind the Second Life virtual world, has been taking quite a bit of heat in recent days over their plans to raise prices for land purchases in Second Life.

Be Careful When Writing Online

Because it could cost you your job and it’s definitely true.

Writing So Searchers Can Find You

When writing so people can find you better on search engines, keep it simple. Use short words, not complicated ones. Precise words are even better. But most importantly, use words people know.

The Butchering of the English Language
George Orwell was a great writer. I recently came across a cool paper he wrote in 1946 titled Politics and the English Language. In it he stated that most bad writing typically has the following two signatures:
  1. staleness of imagery
  2. lack of precision

He believed that it is the job of every writer to try to maintain (and improve upon) the clarity of language

White Papers, Lead Generation – Key for BtoB Marketers

Complex sales cycles make the development of multi-modal marketing strategies critical.

Lead Generation Conundrums

Our client list over at Page Zero is varied. One of the ways we can most consistently add value is in custom work driving paid search traffic and helping with site design and copywriting for “complex” sales, such as B2B campaigns with long sales cycles.

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