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Siri May Be Getting Wittier, as Apple Hunts for a Writer

When Apple first launched Siri, iOS’ personal voice assistant, usefulness and functionality took a back seat to “omg a robot is saying funny stuff to me,” at least with a lot of users. We quickly discovered that Siri had quite a few easter eggs, hidden responses that could be elicited with certain queries. Open the pod bay doors, Siri… It …

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Watch Joel Stein’s 45-Minute Talk At Google [Video]

Google has uploaded video from a recent Authors@Google talk, featuring Joel Stein, journalist and author of “Man Made: A Stupid Quest For Masculinity”. If you’re a fan of the man and/or his work, check it out below: Other recent author talks include: Gregory Benford and Larry Niven, Jose Garces, Cal Newport, and Andrew Blum. You can find them all here.

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Gore Vidal Dies at 86 – American Political Activist

The political and academic worlds mourn today at the news of Gore Vidal’s passing, a well-known liberal political activist who had published various novels, plays, and essays pertaining to the political niche. Gore Vidal (born as Eugene Luther Gore Vidal) was involved with writing ever since he was 19 year old. Starting in the fiction genre, Vidal wrote his first …

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Fraggle Rock Movie in the Works: Writers Hired

A Fraggle Rock movie has been talked about for a while, but now it is finally getting kickstarted with the hiring of two writers to come up with an original screenplay. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Jim Byrkit (Rango) and Alex Manugian have been hired to write the script for the beloved Jim Henson show. The film was first …

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