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Writers’ Strike, Internet, May Remake Hollywood
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Imagine a return to moviemaking where storytelling as a craft mattered most, and a writer with a dream and some financial backing could do what once required a studio to accomplish.

The Writers Strike And The Future Of The Net

The Writers Guild of America strike has been an interesting debacle to watch, complete with a host of issues the public might not have thought of before. The inevitable convergence of the Internet and TV is one of them; the continued homogenization of American culture is another.

Writers Ding Viacom Over Google Lawsuit
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Even though Hollywood executives claim this Internet thing is too new for them to figure out how much they can cut out of it for writers, the scribes pointed out Viacom seems to have an idea.

Is the Future of Television in Jeopardy?
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“It’s all about power.  Their delight is about screwing somebody,” said Charles Pogue referring to the major studios and production companies in Hollywood and New York. Pogue is a screenwriter, current member of the Writers Guild of America, and former member of the Board of Directors for the WGA. 

Hollywood Writers Strike For Internet Dollars
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Film and TV writers are striking for the first time in almost twenty years after the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were unable to reach an agreement.

When is Publishing a Commodity?

As Google’s ad network gets more efficient and Google controls more bits, almost everything in any commercial market is going to sell something, subsidize another commercial interest, or have ads on it. To appreciate how much this trend will grow, just read the comments on my post about using custom search engines.

Copy Writers: See Yourself As the Product

When I teach my copywriters and other coaching students how to package themselves, I use a specific formula to get them from “ground zero” to a “complete package.”

Is Your Site In Harmony With Itself?

Earlier today I came across the article, Should Writers Be Held Accountable for Web Page Performance?.

Professional Blogging: Effective Outsourcing
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Professional blogging, as a paid writer for other blogs, has a very bright future. Writing blog posts for other blogs is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Spam As A PR Tool
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Every company wants you, the public, to know about it. And a lot of companies would like it if certain writers conveyed the latest product information to you.

How To Chat Up Writers

Reporters, bloggers, journalists, writers, authors, call us whatever you like, but when you do call, please bring something of interest to the table.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview Out

The newest release of Microsoft’s web browser provides several new features that current users of IE should welcome.

Expatriate Blogs

Mike Evangelist (that’s his real name) worked at Apple for two years and several times appeared on stage with Steve Jobs as he unveiled new products.

Bloggers: Speakers As Well As Writers

Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills….

Gates Admonishes US Universities

Citing tougher US immigration laws, the proliferation of Asian (specifically Chinese) engineering, and a declining number of US engineering grads, Bill Gates issued a warning to educational institutions that the US is in danger of losing its leading technological status.

Business Blogging – 5 Tips to Help You Break Through Writers Block

It’s inevitable. Everyone hits the wall. Whether you’ve been blogging ten weeks, ten minutes, or ten months, eventually you’ll find yourself with absolutely nothing to say.

Three Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Blog Readers and Writers

The Firefox browser is an amazing product in its own right that’s packed with great features like tabbed browsing, but it’s even more powerful when you install optional extensions. Here are three that are well worth the install for both busy blog readers and writers…

Five Ways Professional Writers Eliminate Rejection

If you’re writing for publication, you’re offering something for sale. Not everyone will want to buy it. This is only common sense. There’s no such thing as rejection, there’s only writing which has yet to find a home. If you submit a piece of writing enough times, it will sell. Professional writers understand this.

Building An Affiliate Income – Profitable Newsletters

There are thousands of email newsletters online, spanning almost every conceivable interest.

But very few of them make any significant money. In fact, most of them don’t even make their publishers a “minimum wage” income.

Overcome Writers Block with Snake Dancing

Writers block! Even columnist Dave Berry has it. He admits that at least 30 times a day when writing his humor column, he gets up from his computer to sip his Pepsi and to divert his attention when he can’t think of what to write. Recently, he reached for the cola and instead found a coiled snake. He tried barbecue tongs to carry it away, but when it landed in his pool, he kept the dance going trying to catch the thing.

Interview with Judy Cullins by P.L. Fry President, Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (www.spawn.org)

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