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Disney Reigns In Online Production Unit

Had the movie "Pocahontas" never been released, my life would be pretty much unchanged, and that’s the case for a lot of Disney stuff.  But by delaying the debut of an online production unit called Stage 9, theDisney Reigns In Online Production Unit company appears to have held up some very interesting shows.

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Online Advertising Boosted By Writers’ Strike?

Whether it’s true or not, we’ve heard it again and again: online advertising will do all right in a recession.  Now there’s more evidence to support the statement, and also a sign that a new-ish factor – the writers’ strike – is helping online ads.

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Strike TV Deadline Approaches

It’s been two months. We’re all sure our favorite shows are on their last reserves of scripts.

And now the Writers Guild of America finally means it. They’re bringing in the big guns. Er, pens.

Today is the deadline for “Strike TV” proposals. And what is Strike TV? It will be an online video channel featuring professional WGA scripts.

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Writers Form Production Company

It’s kind of fun to watch hardworking, deserving people stick it to The Man. The most recent sticking comes from a group of WGA writers who are forming their own company to produce TV, film, and web content.

As primetime continues its downward spiral, leaving us with the same old recycled (non)reality content and Stephen Colbert is reduced to lip-synching Prince songs for half his show, disgruntled writers are taking matters into their own hands.

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Are the Online Video Rise and Writers Strike Really Related?

There’s just something not quite right about the suggestion that online video watching is growing rapidly because of the US writers’ strike.

The BBC has data from Nielsen Online and Pew Internet Project which points to an unusual jump in online video viewing in the past two months.

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More and More People Turning to Online Video

We appear to have two data points related to online video that are worth paying attention to.

Number one: According to the BBC, Nielsen says that traffic to some online video sites has doubled since the Hollywood writers’ strike in October turned the TV into a wasteland of reruns and unfunny late-night talk shows (although it may be stretching things to call the Nielsen figure a data point, since I can’t find a report that has those numbers in it).

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