Google Works On PowerPoint Clone Presently

Google Works On PowerPoint Clone Presently

By WebProNews Staff February 5, 2007

The presentation software used by millions of project managers and consultants, Microsoft’s PowerPoint, will have a competitor from Google called “Presently” as the company builds yet another piece of the office suite everyone expects will challenge Office, once it actually has enough features.

Writely Now On Google Accounts

The Google Account implementation is now live at Writely.com.

Writely Open For All

Google has taken the invite system off Writely. Now, you can sign up for Google’s web-based word processor without any sort of wait (or hunting for a buddy already in the system).

Google Opens Writely, Forgets To Tell Somebody

Google nearly sneaked this one in us. Late Thursday, Google quietly made Writely, the online word processor the company acquired in March, available to the online populace again. As 4PM EDT Friday, there’s still no mention of at the Press Center.

Google Spreading Out A Spreadsheet

June 6th will see the limited beta preview of Google’s online spreadsheet program made available from the company’s Google Labs development section.

Why are Intranets Stagnant?

The evolution of the World Wide Web over the last five years has been nothing short of astounding.

How I Work

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day.

AjaxWrite wants to take on Microsoft Word

What if there were an alternative for Microsoft Word that would install and open in 6 seconds, read and write Microsoft Word .doc files and run on Macintosh, Microsoft Windows or Linux computers? asks Michael Robertson.

Google Writely

Thanks to Phillip Lenssen, I have a Writely account to play with. Seems pretty cool actually.

Google Writes A Check To Writely

Jen Mazzon today confirmed on the Google Blog rumors of Google acquiring the online word processing service Writely.com.

Exaggerated Reports of Office’s Death

From all quarters you can hear the pronouncements of the death of Microsoft Office.