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Alexander Imich: World’s Oldest Man Dies

Alexander Imich, the world’s oldest man, has died at the age of 111 in New York. According to Imich’s niece Karen Bogen of Providence, Rhode Island, Imich passed away at his home in Manhattan on Sunday. Bogen said that she had just visited Imich a day earlier, and that his health had started deteriorating approximately two weeks ago. She revealed …

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World’s Oldest Man: His Secret To Longevity

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Dr. Alexander Imich of New York City has been declared the oldest living man in the world at the age of 111. Imich was born in present-day Częstochowa, Poland, on February 4, 1903. He and his wife Wela Imich immigrated to the United States in 1953, where she later died in 1986. …

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World’s Oldest Man Has Died in NY

Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez, the world’s oldest man, has died at age 112. He had been a resident of a Grand Island, N.Y. nursing home since 2007. Affectionately known as “Shorty”, Sanchez-Blazquez was born June 8, 1901 in El Tejado de Bejar, a small village province of Salamanca, Spain. Throughout his adolescent life, Sanchez-Blazquez developed a fervent admiration for music, and was …

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Anacin Tablets Responsible For Long Life?

A New York man says that six daily Anacin tablets and a banana have been the secret to his super-long life. 112-year old Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez is now the world’s oldest man after Jiroemon Kimura died in June at the age of 116. A vast majority of people who live to be 100 years old or more are women–90%, in fact–and …

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World’s Oldest Living Man Just Turned 115

There are people who would pay a lot of money for the secret to longevity (more than a few of them reside in Hollywood, no doubt); it is merely a dream for most of us to live past seventy and still have our wits about us. But Jiroemon Kimura, a farmer from Kyoto, says the secret is simple: eat small …

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