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Yahoo Answers Unicef And Widgets Vista

They have long supported charitable works by their employees and users, with the latest effort combining star power and Yahoo Answers to bolster the Up Close 2007 campaign to benefit Unicef.

CRM Software That Works The Way You Do

How often have you had to change the way you work to fit in with the latest software needs?

It’s a nuisance and disruptive, and frequently breeds resentment against a software solution requiring employee cooperation to achieve the desired result. Training is difficult and the implementation frequently results in failure. This is as true with CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) as it is with any other.

CRM Needs To Be Turned On Its Head

Doc writes:

Microsoft Works To Battle Google

Microsoft may set up an online version of its low-end Works productivity suite to compete with offerings from Google and a number of startup companies.

Science Confirms Sniping Works On eBay

The best way to win an auction online is to wait as late as possible in the auction before submitting a bid, a method scientists have unsurprisingly discovered works best.

Y! Tube in the Works

Microsoft’s Niall Kennedy dug through the Yahoo analyst day deck and found out that a new Finance site, a revamped My Web 2.0 and last but not least a YouTube clone are on their way.

Arabic Search Engine In The Works

Addressing the lack of Arabic-language search engines, Saudi Arabia-based Integrated Technical Solutions is teaming up with German search company Seekport to launch “Sawafi” by end of this year.

PR: Here’s What Works

When it comes to public relations, what can work best for you as a business, non-profit, government agency or subsidiary manager, is doing something meaningful about the behaviors of those key outside audiences of yours that MOST affect the department, group, division or subsidiary you manage.

Om Malik: the Revenge of Windows Mobile

Is Microsoft coming into the mobile space fast and furious? Yes and Om Malik noticed.

IE 7 Getting Some Props From Security Expert

Security expert Bruce Schneier is liking IE 7.

GNU Flash Player, Gnash, In The Works

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced earlier this month the addition of Gnash, a new open source Flash movie player and Firefox plugin, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). “Open source” indicates that developers can build on top of earlier software to add features or tweak the old ones.

PR Works for SEO

There’s an interesting thread at Performancing about SEO and PR, as in public relations, not page rank that offers different viewpoints on how search engine optimization and public relations work together and as stand alone tactics.

Integrated Content Works … Ask Trump

Microsoft won this evenings Apprentice hands down. In today’s Tivo happy world content integrated marketing is the future and we all better get used to it.

How HR Works To Get The Job Done

This article provides job seekers with an understanding of how human resources (HR) is the hub of an organization and how it is structured. It will also help you to appreciate the job screening process as well as each area of HR if you are considering human resources as your chosen field of occupation.

How Stuff Works With Google Earth

The people behind the HowStuffWorks web site and books have dissected Google Earth to explain its mysteries.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): What it is, How it Works and What it Means

LSI is a methodology for automatic document classification. It examines all the words in all the documents of a corpus and calculates similarity measurements for each document or for individual terms.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that allows artists, authors, publishers and musicians the option of creating and defining a flexible copyright for their creative works.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually
· 26

Converting PowerPoint to Flash would absolutely be a good choice to distribute your bulky PowerPoint Presentation.

No Sale in the Works for Skype, But What About the IPO?

There have been rumors going around saying that Skype Technologies is for sale, but the company has apparently claimed that they are false.

Link Buying The Search Engines Respond

Google, Yahoo, and Ask have a much different take on link buying than do the SEMs. Chris Richardson of WebProNews sat in on this Q&A at SES 2005.

$7 Billion Deal In the Works For VNU and IMS Health

A $7 billion or 5.8 billion euro stock and cash deal is in the works for VNU and IMS Health, as the two companies announced today that they will be merging.