Federated Media Works With Facebook Apps

Federated Media Works With Facebook Apps

By Doug Caverly December 3, 2007

A number of recent stories have noted rifts between Facebook and advertisers; the launch of Beacon was, all in all, a bad move.  But Federated Media Publishing wasn’t scared away, and has actually partnered with the owners of some Facebook applications.

Long Live Free: How Free Makes Money

The concept of "free" isn’t exactly a new one, but it is taking on a sort of new life in the digital age as major publishers (slowly) warm up to the concept – except the recording industry, of course, where the "free" is usually coupled with "to help make us a lot more money."

Yahoo Sports Shortcut Takes A Swing

Do a query for a professional athlete on Yahoo Search, and a new Sports Shortcut may appear with extra details about him. UPDATE: It does now in Firefox; please see the comments section for details.

Google Apps Increases Global Focus

Google is often referred to as a “search giant,” and there are a lot of reasons behind that nickname.  But as you’d expect, the giant doesn’t always take baby steps, and Google has just introduced a large number of changes that should make Google Apps more accessible.

Free Microsoft Works May Take On Google

Time and time again, Google has claimed that its various products and services are not intended to compete with Microsoft Office.  That’s doubtful, but in any event, Microsoft seems prepared to for the clash – a vice president has indicated that the next version of Microsoft Works will be free and ad-supported.

TradeDoubler Tosses $115 Million At IMW Group

While our American readers may not recognize the name, folks in Britain should know The Search Works (“the UK’s largest search engine marketing company”).  The Search Works, along with The Technology Works, is owned by The IMW Group, and thanks to a new acquisition, The IMW Group is now owned by TradeDoubler.

NewsGator for iPhone Works on Other Phones

Now this is useful – a free RSS reader for your mobile phone from NewsGator.

What makes it especially interesting is that it’s been released specifically for the iPhone – it’s called NewsGator Mobile for iPhone – but works on any mobile device.

Three Reasons To Report Gmail Spam

Only the continued efforts of dedicated Gmail users to hit the “Report as Spam” button when they spot unwanted junk messages will help Google stay ahead of spammers.

What Works On YouTube

An interesting article in Advertising Age focuses on a debate within the advertising industry about how to approach the new world of user-generated content for marketing purposes. And nobody’s seems all that sure about it.

When Marketing Works Too Well
A friend recently launched a new site and promptly crafted a great linkbait award idea that got so many links that over 95% of the website’s inbound links were reciprocal links. The award program worked so well that traditional PR firms used our list of award winners to seed their list of people they wanted to contact to talk about a client.

The site did not rank anywhere near as well as it should have because there were too many reciprocal links gained far too quickly when you consider the rest of the site’s link profile.

BostonNOW Works Out Bugs, Prints Blogs

It had a rough start, but BostonNOW, a newspaper that prints the words of some local bloggers, is at last up and running.  Or perhaps, to be more in character with BostonNOW’s Paul Revere logo, “up and riding” would be a more accurate description.

SES – Mobile Search Site Creation and Optimization

The following is coverage of the Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York presentation called “Mobile Search Optimization” by Cindy Krum of Blue Moon Works, Gregory Markel, President of Infuse Creative LLC and Rachel Pasqua, Director of Mobile Marketing at iCrossing.

New Advertising Deals for Google and Yahoo

Google is brokering a deal with DirecTV for broadcast ads. (Techmeme)

Bid Management Tool Leaks Adwords Data

Ulco from Netters.nl has written a post on bid management tool from Search Works leaks Adwords data

CEO Says SEO A Waste Of Time
· 31

Is search engine optimization a waste of time? According to one man in the UK it is.

Anthony Fallon, CEO of Warrington Web Works, a UK Web Publishing company says that search engine optimization is both a waste of time and money to businesses and he can support his argument with proof.

John Edwards Works The Second Life Corner

Various sorts of virtual destinations such as movie theatres, diners, media agencies and back alley prostitution rings can be found gracing the digital streets of Second Life. Now, you can add the unofficial campaign headquarters of presidential hopeful John Edwards to that list.

As if the virtual world of Second Life weren’t full of enough debauchery, now it’s home to a whole new form of prostitution and depravity — a process that these days we formally refer to as campaigning for the U.S. presidency.

Google Works On PowerPoint Clone Presently

The presentation software used by millions of project managers and consultants, Microsoft’s PowerPoint, will have a competitor from Google called “Presently” as the company builds yet another piece of the office suite everyone expects will challenge Office, once it actually has enough features.