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BART Strike Over; Full Service Expected In Afternoon

The Wall Street Journal and KTVU local news both report that the BART transit strike that has frustrated California for four days is finally over. California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom said “This has gotta be the last time this happens. I think everyone’s fed up, and nobody wants to see this ever happen again. The people of this region don’t …

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$10 Minimum Wage to be in California by 2016

Reuters reported via NBC News this morning that minimum wage workers in California would see their wages rise a dollar a year from $8 today to $10 in January 2016. California Republicans argued that hiking minimum wages would hurt the smaller employers, or the “mom and pop operations” as they said. Many business-friendly Democrats were also skeptical, as was Gov. …

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Fast Food Workers Strike For Higher Wages

Fast food is an intrinsic part of modern American life; most citizens eat or work at a various chain or franchise, and many wind up doing both. Despite the backlash targeted at fast food companies concerning health, obesity problems, and cruelty towards livestock, the industry is majorly successful and going strong. Today, however, backlash against such fast food giants as …

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