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Boeing 777X Contract Rejected By Machinists Union

Boeing has said that it has no plans to re-open talks with a union representing Washington state machinists after they soundly rejected an eight-year labor contract extension on Wednesday that would have seen the company’s newest jetliner built in Washington. The company has however vowed not to re-open talks with the defiant workers and has said it will look very broadly …

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BART Strike Over; Full Service Expected In Afternoon

The Wall Street Journal and KTVU local news both report that the BART transit strike that has frustrated California for four days is finally over. California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom said “This has gotta be the last time this happens. I think everyone’s fed up, and nobody wants to see this ever happen again. The people of this region don’t …

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Chinese Journalist Goes Undercover To Find Out How The iPhone 5 Is Made

The Shanghai Evening Post deserves all kinds of journalistic awards after their latest undertaking. The newspaper sent one of their journalists to pose as a new employee at Foxconn. His job was to see what the conditions at Foxconn were like while they were manufacturing the iPhone 5. His report is equally fascinating and terrifying. The original report is obviously …

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Foxconn Receives Initial Review From FLA

We reported earlier this week that Apple joined with the Fair Labor Association to perform independent audits on the Foxconn facilities where iPads are manufactured. The preliminary results are in and it may surprise you. Reuters reports that the FLA president, Auret van Heerden, made some initial comments regarding his visit to the Foxconn facility. He found the facility to …

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Foxconn Hiring, Thousands Clamor For Jobs

Chinese manufacturer Foxconn is in the process of doubling their workforce in places like the city of Zhengzhou, and despite all of the recent controversy surrounding working conditions at Foxconn factories, tons of Chinese workers are rushing to grab a job. Chinese Apple site Mic Gadget reports that on Monday, thousands of people looking for jobs lined up outside a …

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