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Pregnant T-Mobile Employee Forced to Use Vacation Time to Go to the Bathroom [UPDATED]
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UPDATED with comment from T-Mobile’s Larry Myers below ORIGNAL ARTICLE: A former T-Mobile employee is speaking out about her terrible last few months working at a call center in Nashville, Tennessee. According to Kristi Rifkin, her ordeal started when she …

What Work Is Like At An Online Retailer’s Warehouse [Infographic]

It’s almost impossible these days to avoid shopping online, at least for some things. (Let me know if you’ve achieved this. I’m curious to know how you managed.) Somehow, through the magic of logistics, it’s often cheaper and quicker to …

Online Petition Tackles Apple Factory Worker Conditions Online Petition Tackles Apple Factory Worker Conditions
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A petition on popular online petition site Change.org is gaining a lot of attention. Washington D.C.’s Mark Shields is petitioning Apple (and specifically CEO Tim Cook) to “Protect Workers Making iPhones in Chinese Factories.” In just a few days, the …