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Calling Jonathan Schwartz

Matt Mullenweg (the guy who started Automattic, which produces Wordpress, which runs this blog and many others) tells Jonathan Schwartz that Sun Microsystems isn’t there for startups.

Favorite WordPress Tricks and Plugins
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After having Problogger.net’s – Darren Rowse on my show and Matt Mullenweg (wordpress creator) on the show last week I thought I would keep with the blog theme and share my favorite tricks and plugins that I do with my blog.

Upgrade to Latest WordPress

Is my advice if you’d like to keep from getting hacked.

Using WordPress as a CMS
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There has been talk about using Wordpress beyond the typical blog set-up, into the realms of a full-fledged content management system or CMS. Yet, most people have no idea how this is even possible.

Troubleshooting WordPress Errors

One of the great things about the WordPress community is the amazing number of people who develop plugins for the blog platform and make them freely available to anyone.

Your Blog – Does it Have a Disclosure Policy?

With more pressures on bloggers to disclose their business relationships, Weblog Tools Collection points to a neat Wordpress plugin that helps bloggers set up their own disclosure policy.

Cool WordPress.com Feature

I just learned about this recently. Did you know you can go to:

WordPress.com Blocks Spam Bloggers

Colleen at a Simple Kind of Life blog writes that Wordpress.com doesn’t want to become home to spam bloggers and/or folks who make money off of advertising (she has an email that says that PayPerPost advertisements aren’t allowed on Wordpress.com).

WordPress.coms New Dashboard

Oh, how I hate change!

Interview with Automattic CEO, Toni Schneider

You might have heard of Wordpress or Akismet (Wordpress is the software/service that hosts my blog here, and Akismet is the service that blocks all sorts of comment spam).

Schwartz To SEC: Can We Blog?

Regulation FD, which regulates the fair disclosure of information material to a company’s operation, needs to be rethought so more CEOs can start blogging like Sun’s top executive, Jonathan Schwartz.

WordPress Theme Kubrick K2 Review
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WordPress is a free, well-structured blog publishing software. One of its sophisticated features is the Kubrick template. It is an easy to install and customizable open source template.

Helping Google Index your WordPress Blog

If search engine optimization is important to you, you probably already know about Google Sitemaps.

What You Need To Know About WordPress Podcasts

WordPress is a blogging platform that has podcasting support. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program, very much like a radio program that is listened to on the computer.

WordPress And CMS: How To Make It Work

Since the release of WordPress, web users have customized this blogging software to suit their own needs.

Windows Live Writer from Microsoft

Another new entrant into the blog editing software market comes from Microsoft with their beta launch of Windows Live Writer.

WordPress Comment Moderation Made Easier

Do you use WordPress’s standard comment moderation, rather than some fancypants (and probably easier) plugin?

Creating a Mobile Version of Your Blog

Do you visit many blogs with your mobile phone? If you do, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that most blogs are simply not intended for viewing on a phone’s small screen.

Getting to Know WordPress

If you use WordPress, here are two useful resources that will help you get to know the blog platform better.

Perspectives on Blog Spam

What do Nicholas Cage, David Carradine, Susan Hayward, Richard Burton and a whole host of Hollywood stars past and present have in common?

Drag and Drop WordPress Design

This looks pretty interesting – Canvas: