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WordPress Split Testing

So you want to build your website with with Wordpress rather than a static HTML page, but you also want the benefits of being able to split test your copy and use it with Google Website Optimizer.

Keep WordPress From Overwriting .htaccess Rules
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For as long As I care to remember I’ve been having issues with my Wordpress .htaccess file.

.htaccess file is a small Apache file that lets you do all sorts of funky things with requests made to your server. It’s also one of SEO’s best tools. I have a lot of custom 301 redirects set up, including a redirect which makes my site available only via the www subdomain.

WordPress Blogging Pipeline & Projections

One of the WordPress development team, Ryan Born, noted in his post WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 will not include a tagging feature, the next version could include a comprehensive taxonomy framework which could open up the field for interesting plugins.

The year has been an interesting one for WordPress bloggers with the release of about 5 major and incremental upgrades since the start of the year.

WordPress Stats Plugin

Matt has announced that Wordpress has released a stats plugin for self-hosted Wordpress uses that integrates your blog analytics into your dashboard.

Moving a WordPress Blog

Having recently moved a few Wordpress blogs from one host to another, I thought I’d write up a quick ho-to. It’s actually quite painless.

Search Everything in WordPress

By default, Wordpress is setup to search every post. What they don’t tell you is that doesn’t include pages. However, with the Search Everything plugin, you can search pages, posts and more.

Stopping WordPress Comment Spam

I am now averaging over 100 spam emails every day in my Akismet spam trap. So, thank you Akismet.

But being a conscientious kind of guy, I want to make sure a “false positive” hasn’t got quarantined, so I like to go through the spam comments before deleting them, just to be sure.

A Big List of Blogging Mistakes

Here’s the final list of the 48 blogging mistakes from the partecipants to the blogging project started by Daniel at dailyblogtips.com. There’s also my entry, the blogging mistake I did for 25 years … but they changed my catchy title :(

Amazon Contextual Links Warning

Amazon Contextual Links has launched in beta – actually a good job it is beta because I have already noticed a few bugs just by visiting one blog that was discussing the news.

Thoughts on WordPress Official Plugins Directory

When I first read last week that Wordpress had launched an official plugins directory I was excited. There are lots of good plugins out there that are not in any sort of searchable database other than a search engine. However, the Wordpress plugin directory isn’t living up to my excitations yet.

Videos and Page Content

When I first started experimenting with video one of the things I was extremely concerned about was the lack of text on the page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the results so far.

WordPress – Extra Text Editing

A client asked me today for more control in their Wordpress control panel. Specifically, when posting they wanted to control the font sizes, colors and do a bit more. As a designer I always freak at that question as I think the code is going to be filled with massive amounts of font tags and out of order strong tags and ohhh the madness. But, then again, maybe I’m overreacting.

WordPress Blog as an OpenID

OpenID ? WordPress.com Wow this is really smart. You can now use your WordPress blog as an OpenID.

From Simon:

"Are you fed up with having to remember dozens of usernames and password? Does the idea of creating yet another account on yet another site leave you cold?

WordPress VS Moveable Type

I have never used Moveable Type as a blogging platform. I found Wordpress to be better than Blogger in many ways, and moved a large number of my sites over to Wordpress (but only on my own domains). That being said, I am frequently asked what are the differences between Wordpress and Moveable Type, especially for a business blogger who might experience high traffic load.

I couldn’t honestly answer that question, because I haven’t experienced the problems first hand.

WordPress Pros and Cons

After installing Wordpress 2.1 my experiences have been both good and bad. There are a few things I LOVE about the updated blogging software, but there are also a few things that bug me.

Latest WordPress Bugfixes

If you upgraded to or installed the new WordPress version 2.1 that was released last month, you’ll be interested in a major bugfix released today:

[…] Version 2.1.1 includes about 30 bug fixes, mostly minor things around encoding, XML-RPC, the object cache, and HTML code. It’s available for immediate download on our download page.

Creating A Successful Website On A Small Budget

Yuri thinks so and wrote a post last week entitled Create a small business website on a small budget to tell you what you need to think about if you want to get it done.

Here’s the basic checklist of what you should be doing:

* research your customers
* research your keywords
* plan your website
* get a content management system
* get a website template
* improve template usability
* make the template accessible

Subscribing to Categories in WordPress

One nice feature in Wordpress is the ability to have a feed for each category.

Watch Your Steps Before Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I ran into issues while trying to upgrade a Wordpress 2.0.7 installation to the new Wordpress 2.1 release.

Amazon’s aStores

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for awhile but hadn’t actually been using it.

Testing WordPress 2.1 Plugins

Wordpress 2.1 has been released and one of the biggest changes has to do with plugins.