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Should The Google Penguin Update Hit Sites Like

We recently told you about apparently getting hit by Google’s Penguin update. The site went from 8,580 visits (pretty standard for the site, having looked through the Analytics myself) to 1,527 a week later. It’s been hovering around similar numbers ever since, with a pretty clear dip right around Penguin time. Do you think this site deserved to get …

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Google Penguin Update Punishes WordPress Theme Creators?

James Farmer at wrote a very interesting Penguin-related article, which doesn’t make the update look too great, despite its apparently honorable intentions. The update hit, sending it from 8,580 visits from Google on one day pre-Penguin to 1,527 a week later. Farmer shares an Analytics graph illustrating the steep drop: Farmer maintains that engages in no keyword …

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