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Microsoft, Novell Lawsuit Ends With Sopranos-Style Mistrial

After seven years in court, Microsoft is expected to ask the U.S. federal judge to dimiss the antitrust suit filed against them by Novell. Novell made their closing arguments in the case last week but a jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision, leaving the judge to declare a mistrial. Novell originally filed the suit claiming that Microsoft …

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Microsoft, Novell Antitrust Suit Finally Nearing An End

After a little over seven years, the antitrust suit that Novell filed against Microsoft is finally nearing a close. Novell sued Microsoft and claimed that the software developer “unfairly used its monopoly on personal computer operating systems to suppress WordPerfect, a rival word-processing program” to Microsoft’s own word-processing platform, Word. Novell made its closing arguments in the trial yesterday, reiterating …

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