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Chrome Beta For Desktop Adds Support For Microsoft Office Documents

Despite Google’s best attempts at getting people to switch to Google Docs, much of the world still works in Microsoft Office. It may be a while before Google can win the format wars; but in the meantime, it will make sure Chrome users stay in Chrome when opening Microsoft documents. Google announced that Chrome Beta for desktop can now open …

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Microsoft Updates All Of Its Office Web Apps

The Web is quickly becoming the new platform of choice for many tech companies. Google and Microsoft have been the two largest proponents of the Web over the last few years with both companies investing heavily in cloud computing and big data. Now Microsoft has finally updated one of its first forays into the Web-based collaboration software. Microsoft announced today …

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Microsoft, Novell Lawsuit Ends With Sopranos-Style Mistrial

After seven years in court, Microsoft is expected to ask the U.S. federal judge to dimiss the antitrust suit filed against them by Novell. Novell made their closing arguments in the case last week but a jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision, leaving the judge to declare a mistrial. Novell originally filed the suit claiming that Microsoft …

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Microsoft, Novell Antitrust Suit Finally Nearing An End

After a little over seven years, the antitrust suit that Novell filed against Microsoft is finally nearing a close. Novell sued Microsoft and claimed that the software developer “unfairly used its monopoly on personal computer operating systems to suppress WordPerfect, a rival word-processing program” to Microsoft’s own word-processing platform, Word. Novell made its closing arguments in the trial yesterday, reiterating …

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Microsoft Loses Appeal Over Word Patent

Microsoft has lost an appeal in a patent case over Microsoft Word. A U.S. court of appeals upheld a jury verdict against the company for infringing on a patent held by Toronto’s i4i.

Microsoft lost the case to a tune of $290 million. Reuters reports:

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Microsoft Granted Motion to stay Word Injunction

Update: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reportedly granted Microsoft’s motion to stay an injunction that would prohibit the software giant from selling Word. The injunction had an effective date of Oct. 10, but the motion to stay blocks the injunction until the appeal process is complete, according to The Microsoft Blog.

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Microsoft Takes Office Cloud-ward

Microsoft is taking its Office program and going online. The next release of Microsoft Office will include Office Web applications, “lightweight” versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The company’s announcement follows yesterday’s unveiling of its cloud-based Web apps operating platform, Windows Azure, and both are “part of a strategic companywide shift toward embracing web-based solutions.”

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Word Users, Prepare For Critical Update

Microsoft’s monthly patch release schedule includes a Critical fix for an issue in their Office program, Word, and two other fixes rated the same.

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Microsoft Warns On Exploit Affecting Word

An indirect threat to several versions of Word via the Microsoft Jet Database Engine emerged as zero-day attacks began against the exploit.

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