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Three New Wonderbook Titles, Including Book Of Potions, Launch November 12

Last year, Sony launched a new type of game called Wonderbook that combined the AR capabilities of the PlayStation Eye with a PS Move controller to bring books to life on a television screen. Sony smartly launched it with Book of Spells – a game set within the Harry Potter universe and written by J.K. Rowling. Now Sony is readying …

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Twitter Was Divided Over Sony’s E3 2012 Press Conference

We reported yesterday on Microsoft’s E3 press conference and the subsequent Twitter reaction. Needless to say, denizens of the Twitterverse were not amused or entertained. This led to many of us wondering if Twitter would give the same treatment to Sony’s E3 press conference. It seems that it’s more of a mixed bag this time around. Sony definitely won more …

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Sony Introduces ‘Wonderbook’ With Harry Potter Title

Sony gaming concentrates mostly on teens and adults. Correction: the whole gaming industry is geared toward teens and adults. However there is a new title coming out that offers an innovative spin in the kid’s gaming genre. It’s called Wonderbook. Wonderbook is an augmented reality book that kids (and adults) can interact with on the TV screen in interesting ways. …

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