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Wonder Woman Costume Revives Eternal Sexism Debate

Wonder Woman is a highly-anticipated feature in the new Batman Vs. Superman, and for good reason. The new Wonder Woman is played by lovely Isreali actress Gal Gadot, and if the trailer speaks to her appearance in the movie, she is sure to impress. Over the weekend at Comic-con, Gal Gadot described the moment she came face-to-face with the new …

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Paid Her Dues in the Israeli Military

The new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot knows how lucky she is. She is about to step into the boots of one of the most celebrated female superheroes ever. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d grow up to be in a movie playing someone who influenced as many women as she has,” Gal Gadot said of playing Wonder …

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Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot Talks About Becoming A Superhero At Comic-Con 2015

“The Women Who Kick Ass” panel at the Comic-Con International 2015 in San Diego, California featured a group of great actresses who are badasses at kicking bad-guy-butt. These actress came to the convention to discuss their characters. The panel also talked about women in media, future roles for women in the genre, and their inspirations for their characters. Actresses Gwendoline …

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