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BlogHer today

There’s quite an event taking place today in California – the BlogHer conference.The brainchild of…

Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing

It’s a fact, over 66 percent of new business owners are women. And did you know that women entrepreneurs are 75 percent more successful than their male counterparts at managing and profiting with their own home based business.

Study Shows Men Are Tougher Than Women

Men always knew it, but were afraid to say it. Now we have scientific evidence. Men tolerate pain better than women. So there (sticking out my tongue at you).

Carnival of the Capitalists at Blog Business World

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists…..It’s Carnival time again!..Grab your popcorn and cotton candy and sit back and enjoy…

Women Power Online Shopping To Profits

Online sales rose in 2004 to $141.1 billion USD, and could go up to $172 billion in 2005, a 22 percent increase.

Is it Time to Re-assess `Women’s Work’ in 2005?

As droves of women leave corporations to seek green pastures in entrepreneurism, it’s time to re-assess the world of work for women.

Sigmoidoscopes Miss Colon Cancer In Women

A study published in the May 9th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that when it comes to screening for colon cancer, the effectiveness of the tools differs for men and women.

Study Finds Sigmoidoscopy Unreliable For Women

A study has found that a colon cancer screening tool called sigmoidoscopy has been discovered to miss precancerous tumors in about two-thirds of women patients.

Low Fat Diets May Not Prevent Breast Cancer From Returning

Low fat diets may keep breast cancer from returning to women that have already had it a new study says. However, many specialists don’t agree with the results of the study.

Do Low-Fat Diets Prevent Breast Cancer From Returning?

According to a new study, low-fat diets may keep breast cancer from returning to women that have already had it. Many experts disagree with the study’s results, though.

Alcohol Harms Women More Quickly Than Men

German scientists have conducted a brain-scan study and found that women can become addicted to alcohol faster and suffer brain damage from it quicker than men.

New Test Detects 95% of Early Ovarian Cancer

Investigators at Yale, George Washington University, and the Nevada Cancer Institute reported they have developed a blood test that can detect the early signs of ovarian cancer with 95% accuracy.

Working at Google = Fun!

Jen Fitzpatrick (Director, Engineering at Google) points out a video they’ve put together highlighting all the benefits of working at Google.

Times Are Changing for Woman Entrepreneurs

Although the definition of an entrepreneur, “One who undertakes to conduct an enterprise assuming full control and risk.” is not gender specific, it is no wonder that most entrepreneurs are men.

The Super Bowl Ad Blog

See Spot. See Spot Build Buzz … Intelliseek’s Super Bowl Ad project is ramping up and I am joining the fray.

Microsoft Awarded for Women Entrepreneur Opportunities

Astra Women’s Business Alliance announced that Microsoft has been presented two prestigious awards for their commitment toward creating more opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Women Turning to Blogs for Financial Advice

Dow Jones Newswires reports a growing number of investors – particularly women – are turning to blogs for free financial advice that’s presented in a friendly, non-aggressive manner.

Search Engine for Women

KaZaZZ launched its all women’s search engine called WaZaZZ! The new search engine takes all the traditional search engine tools and caters these tools to the interests of women.

5thavenuewoman.com Launches; Portal For Women

5thavenuewoman.com is said to be the fastest and most serviceable portal for women, offering a plethora of information and services. With their portal, they promise to revolutionize the online business marketplace.

The Coming Wave Of Mature Women Entrepreneurs

There is a growing wave of retired female workers getting in on the massive amount of money to be made in the home based business field. The list of products and services that the older worker can provide is almost endless. Older workers usually come from the school of thought that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly and this gives them an edge in modern business. I know I would trust an older person to do a job right, more than a younger less experienced person. The empowering effect of a retired female worker augmenting a restrictive retirement income or better yet, getting off welfare and starting her own home based business is inspiring to witness.

How Do You Score on the Marketing Emotional Intelligence Test

Remember that email rounding the Internet recently: “If we could shrink the Earth’s population to a village of 100 people, this is what it would look like: There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 North and South Americans, and 8 Africans. Seventy people would be non-white; 30 white. Seventy would be non-Christian; 30 Christian ….”