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IODA Guilty of Distributing

Some things grab your attention just for the coolness factor. Others whisper of revolution, a quiet promise that industrial tectonic plates are about to shift. IODA, a digital distribution company focusing on indie music, is a cool undercurrent, pulling a tide that is the promise of a sea-change.

Women Entrepreneurs – Get Up And Running

Yeesh. Women outpace men in new businesses about 2 to 3. Latina women in particular are entering entrepreneurial ranks full speed ahead, outpacing every other demographic group.

Women Have Three Secret Weapons In Business

Women have 3 assets that I see as secret weapons in the business world. For the past 30 years or so, women have been encouraged to behave as their male counterparts do so they can succeed and achieve equality.

Hundreds of Women Bloggers Gather for BlogHer

BlogHer ’06 had 700+ attendees on Day 2. Daniel Terdiman writes:

Marketing to Women: Don’t Waste Our Time

As a woman, there are many ways to keep me from doing business with you. One is to send me email spam; like most people, I don’t like that. Another way is to send teenagers to knock on my door to sell your product; if I don’t recognize the person knocking, I won’t answer. These are typical annoyances for most people, however, the #1 way to keep me from doing business with you may not be.

IT Women Calendar Causes Controversy

A calendar designed to encourage more women into IT occupations, and help dispel the notion that IT is not a desirable career for women, has caused a storm of controversy in Australia.

Women Entrepreneurs Prove Its Not Just A Man’s World

I had the honor of speaking at a women’s business association luncheon on the topic of entrepreneurship.

When I mentioned to my wife the day before that I was speaking to group of women entrepreneurs she asked, "Why on earth would they ask you to speak?" In her defense, my dear wife has no idea what I do for a living.

SEO Benefits for Online Shopping Sites
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Having worked at a J.Crew store awhile back and now working as a project manager at a reputable SEO firm, I want to shine some light on how heavily branded and well-recognized retail shopping sites can benefit from SEO.

Small Business Loans for Women

The Small Business Administration reports that women owning businesses in the United States are continuing to rise and today these businesses employ over 27 million people and contribute over three and a half trillion dollars to the economy.

Contra Costa Times Looks at Women Bloggers

The Contra Costa Times (a newspaper in Northern California) looks at why there aren’t many women bloggers on the A list.

Men Game With Friends, Women Game Alone

Guys are much more likely to form friendships with strangers they meet in online gaming than women, who prefer to solo game instead.

Will Social Media Shatter the Glass Ceiling?

Despite our country’s great strides in working to give women equal rights in virtually every aspect of society, there is still a “glass ceiling” both in PR and in the broader Fortune 500.

EU Women Outpacing Men On the Web

The Internet is Europe’s fastest growing media and EU women are on pace to overtake men as the most active online consumer. Over the past three years, the amount of time spent online by women has grown by 63%, compared to a growth rate of 54% for men, according to EIAA Mediascope Europe.

Where the Women Bloghers Are

[Straining] I won’tmake lamegender puns! Iwon’tmake lamegender puns! There are no himbos allowed in this blogher network, unless you’d like a real herstory-making, estronomical dose of herorrhoids. Doh! Himicane, hersterectomy, feminsula! Daggone it!

Women Managers Leaving Corporations for Entrepreneurship

Increasingly, women managers are choosing to “opt out” when corporations fail to meet their professional needs.

Sports Marketing Vice-President Shares Ideas

Laurel Lindsay is the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team Vice-President of Consumer Marketing.

Men Are From Google, Women Are From Yahoo
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On the Internet, as in life, men and women have different motivations for doing what they do. According to a recent report from Pew Internet and American Life, women view the Internet as a place to extend, support, and nurture relationships and communities.

More Women Tuning Into Podcasts

Reminiscent of the early Web, the earliest adopters of podcasts are male. But the new medium is gaining steam among women too, a new survey shows.

Citigroup Attracts Women With Mirrors

The financial giant made a push for female clients in four major media markets by placing mirrors around the cities.

An SEO Client Adds Blog Component

A business blog component as part of every online business is one of my main SEO recommondations. Because of the search engine power of business blogs, it’s a natural addition for every website.

Businesswomen’s Dilemma: The Double Bind of Communications

Most women are damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don’t when it comes to communicating in the male-dominated world of business. In order to compete, they must find a delicate balance between authority and likeability.