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Women Make More Online Impulse Buys

Women, ages 45-54, are more likely than men of the same age to make an impulse buy online based on a limited time offer (55% versus 38%, respectively) according to a survey from GSI Commerce.

Google Wins Award For Its Treatment Of Women

Google is often recognized as being one of the world’s best places to work, and a new development won’t change that reputation; the search giant was, in fact, just recognized by the British Computer Society for its treatment of women in the IT Industry.

Like Adulterous Women? Google Can Help
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Google makes what you might call "moral" judgments with whom is expressly forbidden from advertising on its network. Adultery, though, is apparently not a topic the company will take a stance against.

Black Friday Website Visitors Mostly Women

The droves of Black Friday shoppers are just warming up. Last week, traffic to websites specifically dedicated to America’s Other Holiday was up 145 percent, dominated by new visitors and young women.

SES – Lee’s Final Wrap Up
I would have to say SES San Jose 2007 turned out to be a pretty good conference. With a HUGE thanks to the TopRank Blogging Team (LtoR: Dana Larson, Melinda Cayetano, Thomas McMahon and Mike Yanke), we were able to cover 26 sessions, publish nearly 500 photos and 7 video interviews.

SES – TopRank Day 1 Wrap Up
If you see these smiling faces at SES, be sure to say hello!

SES – Women in Search Luncheon

TopRank’s Melinda Cayetano and Dana Larson attended the Women in Search Luncheon with over 50 in attendance.

Men Lead Women In Wireless Usage

Men average 458 minutes of monthly wireless phone usage, while women trail slightly with 453 minutes according to a new survey from AT&T.

UK Women Rule Online

UK women between the ages of 18-34 are now the most dominant group online according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Women in Search: Techie or Tacky?
At Chicago SES, I had the pleasure of attending the first women in search luncheon hosted by Ylayn Meredith Ousley, SEOFan Girl, at a beautiful white table cloth restaurant. It was far and away the most unique event that I attended – a celebration of women in search. It was a chance to enjoy the companionship of other successful women who share a passion for search.

Personalize, Don’t Pander, With Unique Content

Everyone likes to feel special, but feeling singled out is a different thing entirely.  Several companies seem to have failed to make that distinction in recent days, and now IAC/Ask, Acclaim, and American Airlines are paying the price for it in the public’s eye.

Looking Back at SES NYC 2007

My favorite part of working at a Search Engine Strategies Conference is writing about the sights and sounds later. My experience is different from many of the stories told because I don’t attend private parties or stay out all night drinking (the proper term for both is “professional networking”, of course.)

Women Have The Numbers Online

Women now comprise the majority of the U.S. Internet population. eMarketer estimates there will be 97.2 million female Internet users ages 3 and older in 2007 and will account for 51.7 percent of the total online population.

By 2011, 109.7 million U.S. females will be online, accounting for 51.9 percent of the total online population.

SES – SEO Women Lunch
Not a walk in the park. Day 3 of the NYC SES conference is the day that a Women in SEO luncheon gathering took place a few blocks from the hotel. It was invite only, which meant I got to go because I’m a woman. Nothing else special. Like an engagement over TV or anything.

Women Slow To Embrace Online Video

Who watches the most online video? Though women out number men by 6 million online men still consume more Web video content than women, according to a report from eMarketer.

"While 78% of males watch video online, only 66% of females do," says Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst and the author of the new Women Online: Taking a New Look report. "They are less likely than males to visit most video destination sites – even the biggie, YouTube."

Blogosphere Responds To Death Threats
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A tidal wave of shock has swelled across the blogosphere at large in response to publicized death threats targeting well-known blogger Kathy Sierra.

The Writing Style of Your Company’s Blog

I was honored to speak yesterday on corporate blogging in DC, as a joint event put on by Merry Bruns and DC Web Women. The two other speakers, Scott Briscoe of ASAE, and Lorelei Brown of the Natl Association of Realtors, are both longtime bloggers and we had a great time sharing our experience on how the business world looks at blogging.

Google Gives Romantic Multitaskers A Discount

Over half of US adults buy gifts for more than one Valentine, according to Google and Harris Interactive. And to honor that two-timing tradition, Google is giving a discount for using Google Checkout.

"But that other diamond necklace is for Mom," says the shifty-eyed lothario busily hitting the delete button on email confirmations.

Whatever you say, brudda. We'll just call it "multitasking."

P&G Launches Online Site For Women

Proctor and Gamble has launched a new web site geared toward women called Capessa.yahoo.com. P & G Productions along with Yahoo and the Zizo Group created the site. The online community is a place where women can share stories, tips and information that apply to their lives.

Women 2.0

Women 2.0 (a division of Entrepreneur27) and Stanford BASES are hosting their next event focused on individuals who went against tradition and took big risks, resulting in careers that they really enjoy. In many cases, these entrepreneurs actually “created” or joined real business based on their passions, allowing them to earn a living doing something they love.

Where are the Women Bloggers in the Tech Industry?
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Periodically this question pops up.

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