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Kanye West Gives A Musical Performance To Be Remembered On SNL 40th Anniversary Show

The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show was full of surprise guests and musical performers that have become a part of the groundbreaking show. One of those guests that definitely stunned the crowd was Kanye West who debuted his new track on television. The Grammy-winning rapper performed in a black and white designed stage that made it look like an …

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California Gray Wolf: Decision Delayed on Protecting Rare Breed

The gray wolf endangered species was considered by The California Fish and Game Commission Wednesday in an effort to protect the rare breed. After failing to come up with a unanimous agreement, the commission of five members decided to delay the decision. A gray wolf-known as OR-7-that crossed into Northern California from Oregon is the only known breed of his …

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Puppy with ‘Lion’s Blood’ Sells for $2M in China

An ancient canine breed called the Tibetan Mastiff has become a status symbol among the affluent of China, and a puppy recently sold for a record-breaking $2 million. The golden-haired dog measuring 31 inches tall was purchased by a property developer from Qingdao. Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs are sought after in their rarity, as the majority of existing bloodlines have been …

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Were First Dogs our Best Friends, or Savage Beasts?

Man’s best friend, the canine, who is always there to greet us with joy and excitement when we come home, who love us and are one of the best animal companions man has ever known, didn’t start out that way. They have not always been wonderful warm and loving creatures that just want to cuddle up and be near us. …

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