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Wolfram SystemModeler Takes on Large-Scale System Modeling

The Wolfram Group today announced its new SystemModeler product, a high-fidelity modeling environment that creates computable, large-scale systems using symbols and a drag-and-drop interface. The software integrates the Wolfram technology platform to enable analysis and reporting, integrating the modeling and engineering phases of design. The announcement of SystemModeler came on the Wolfram Blog, in a post by Stephen Wolfram himself. …

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Wolfram Finance Platform Brings Mathematica to Finance

Wolfram Research has just released a computational finance tool it calls the Wolfram Finance Platform. The platform will bring the computational power of Wolfram’s Mathematica software and apply it to finance to deliver greater computational integrity, automated workflows, faster speeds, and more accuracy. “As algorithmic agility comes center stage in finance, platform integration and automation become crucial for competitiveness,” said …

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Wolfram|Alpha Brings its Mobile Apps to PC

Wolfram|Alpha announced this week that their line of mobile apps will be made available on PC’s. The apps will be sold in Intel’s app marketplace, AppUp. The Wolfram|Alpha app is already available in AppUp for the price of $2.99. Other apps that will be made available this year include course assistant apps for subjects such as calculus, astronomy, and music …

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