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Wolfram Alpha Already Gets a Big Update

Wolfram Alpha has made its first major update, just three weeks after the much-hyped search/answer engine was launched. So what does this update include?

Wolfram Alpha: The Beginning
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Wolfram Alpha launched on Friday night after much anticipation. The search engine, which began generating most of its hype a couple months ago experienced problems right out of the box.

Wolfram Alpha Launch Draws Near

Update: Wolfram Alpha said Tuesday on a company Web site that it plans to begin broadcasting the run-up to its public unveiling Friday evening, including "behind-the-scenes views."

Wolfram Alpha: Meshing The Worlds Of Science and Search

 Let me ask you something.

Matt Cutts on Google Announcement Timing
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Google has been accused of stealing the thunder of others on numerous occasions. The most recent example cited in a post from the VP of Marketing for Blekko is Google’s structured data product, which WebProNews covered here.

Searching for Answers Google Doesn’t Have
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A new way of searching is on the way, and will come under the label Wolfram Alpha. This is a "knowledge engine" built by Stephen Wolfram, which allows users to ask questions and receive a single definitive answer rather than a page of results pointing to pages that may or may not have the answers they are looking for.