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Is Recording Streaming Public Radio Piracy? Is Recording Streaming Public Radio Piracy?

TechDirt.Com and Mike Masnick posted a story today about WNYC, public radio in New York, and how they have disabled Flip4Mac, an app which allows listeners to record and manipulate Windows video and audio files. The main premise of the …

Net Neutrality Brings Foes Together
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Conservative Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds did the unthinkable today: He agreed with a liberal, which is likely against stricter interpretations of The Conservative Thought Bubble Creed (Hannity, Defense Against Liberal Arts, pg. 1).  Worse, the liberal is employed by MoveOn.org, with whom agreement is punishable by excommunication and revocation of golf club membership (Limbaugh, chapters 7 and 11, El Rushbo’s Guide To Neo-Conduct).