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Zach Braff Describes Odd Kickstarter Requests

Zach Braff was so grateful when the film he wrote and directed with his brother, Wish I Was Here, got fully funded on Kickstarter that he agreed to some pretty odd requests from contributors. “This one guy was a dentist and wanted me to read a greeting for people in his waiting room. So I did it! Welcome to Dr. …

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Zach Braff Kills the Subjunctive Mood, Doesn’t Care

Zach Braff isn’t known for his good grammar, and he’s getting lots of heat from academic types who have accused him of killing the subjunctive mood in the title of his new film Wish I Was Here. They think Braff has committed a huge grammatical faux pas and can’t see the film for lack of getting past its title. Zach …

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Zach Braff Releases ‘Wish I Was Here’ Trailer

Zach Braff made headlines last year for attempting to fund his next indie film project using the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. His Kickstarter campaign came on the heels of the record breaking Veronica Mars movie one. While people generally praised Rob Thomas and team’s quest to fund the Veronica Mars movie, Braff became one celebrity too many for the public, and …

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