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Internet Presents Collaborative Inauguration Speech

It’s too early to lock down the potential (or failures) of crowd-sourcing. Where Wikipedia, the 4th most visited resource on the Internet, logs incredible, meteoric success, and where the politicization inherent to mob rule has dragged down the populist ideals of Digg.com and others, the collaborative spirit continues to be tested and modified.

In America, as on the Internet.

Fake Steve Jobs Hunt Takes Creepy Turn

It has elements of mystery, the tenets of paparazzi defense, and the feeling of a prank gone too far. In a blogosphere-wide attempt to unmask blogebrity – well, it may not be an exaggeration to call him/her a cyber cult leader – Fake Steve Jobs, digital espionage has turned a fun cat-and-mouse game into something Fake Steve calls "creepy."

Wisdom of Crowds Is Dead
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The problem with the human condition is that it involves humans. Bringing that condition online, fostering it with the Wisdom of Crowds philosophy, is slowly but surely proving what philosophers have said since humans first learned to write: the anonymous mob is powerful and passionate, but no more rational than an angry swarm of bees.

Wikiality: The Voice of The Crowd Is a Whisper

The Wisdom of Crowds idea is a beautiful and elegant theory, despite any Aristotelian reservations you may have about the masses. Internet visionaries have applied the concept as a slogan for the participatory Web, and a deathblow to elitist information dissemination. Only problem is, only the elite are participating.