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AT&T Logs Q4 Profits, 500K New Subscribers

AT&T today released its fourth-quarter earnings, reporting a net income of $6.9 billion – a significant increase over the company’s net $3.9 billion loss during the fourth quarter of 2012. These earnings came on revenue of $33.2 billion, up 1.8% over revenue during the holiday quarter 2012. For the full-year 2013 AT&T reported revenues of $128.8 billion, up slightly from …

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AT&T to Buy Alltel for $780 Million

Now that wireless providers in the U.S. have blanketed major urban areas with 3G and 4G LTE coverage, the companies will now have to do the hard work of providing wireless data coverage for the potential subscribers spread widely throughout rural America. It follows that smaller rural providers are becoming hot commodities, Alltel announced today that it has been sold …

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Mobile Carriers’ CEOs Pissed About Bad ROI

This weeks Mobile World Congress was plagued by reports of bad return on investment (ROI) for mobile data by heavy hitters mobile industry. Their primary complaint is that they generate too little revenue in return for offering data from providers like Google. Now some providers want to introduce a tiered structure plan for data consumers. Many fear that a tiered …

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