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Nicki Minaj Misses Set At Wireless Festival 2015, Leaves Fans Fuming

Nicki Minaj was scheduled to be on stage from 7pm to 8pm during the Wireless Festival on Sunday night but was MIA. Fans were demanding a refund after waiting for Minaj who was having “travel issues” and was running late for her show. Fans were angry and the festival’s organizers were forced to admit that they had lost touch with …

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Kanye West Booed in London Concert Rant

When you manage to get the fans who paid to come see you to start booing you, then you have really accomplished something. Kanye West walked into a hall full of fans who had come to see Drake, but ended up seeing Kanye filling in. Still, the crowd at the Wireless Festival in London was all hyped to see the …

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Kanye West Booed After Onstage Rant

Controversial rapper Kanye West was booed at the Wireless Festival in London on Friday, after going into a 20-minute rant in protest of the media during his set. West was filling in for Canadian singer Drake, who had fallen ill. West, wearing a studded face mask, went on to share his views on the culture of fame, consumerism and discrimination …

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