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T-Mobile To Offer iPad Air For $0 Down, 200MB Of Free Data A Month On All Tablets

T-Mobile has been on a campaign to change how the wireless industry works by ditching contracts, rethinking upgrades and even making International roaming charges a thing of the past. Now, hot on the heels of the iPad Air announcement, T-Mobile wants to change how carriers sell tablets as well. T-Mobile announced today that it will be carrying the iPad Air …

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Latest State Of The Internet Report Shows An Increase In Global Internet Speed

Every quarter, Akamai puts out a report called “The State of the Internet.” By utilizing the Akamai Intelligent Platform, it’s able to look at a number of metrics, including global average Internet speeds, attack traffic and browser popularity. It’s an excellent look at just how much Internet access and speeds have improved over the last three months. In its latest …

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Wireless Revenue Reaches $14.8 Billion

Wireless data service revenues for the first half of 2008 reached $14.8 billion, a 40 percent increase over the first half of 2007, when data revenue totaled $10.5 billion, according to the CTIA-The Wireless Association latest survey.

Wireless data revenues now account for 20 percent of all wireless service revenues, and represent money that people spend on non-voice services.

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Report: Wireless Data Markets Looking Good

The word "growth" pretty much sums up with global wireless data market’s performance last year.  Two key changes occurred as a result: India managed to overtake the U.S. in terms of subscriptions, and the U.S. passed Japan in terms of service revenue.

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