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Les Blogs In Paris: Conference About Social Networks, Blogging, Nanopublishing

Just about to unplug the PC from the net so I can get going. Off to Paris on the Thalys where I’ll be participating …

Gas Supplies Decrease, Oil Prices Increase

Gas supplies have gotten lower in the United States and as a result, oil prices have gone up.

Search Engines, Personal Info & Big Brother Paranoia

Wired is running an interesting story on what Search engines know about you, with choice quotes from Danny Sullivan and Daniel Brandt, him of the Brandt Rant fame…

When It Comes to Tagging, You’re It

BusinessWeek takes a good look at tagging (sometimes called folksonomies) from an interesting perspective – the threat they pose to search engines…

.us Domains – No More Privacy

Wired report that you will no longer be able to register .us domain names via a proxy to protect your identity. .com .net and .org are unaffected …

The unGoogle – Wired Talks to Terry Semel

Terry Semel, Yahoo’s Chairman and CEO has been whispering sweet nothings in Wired’s ear about Yahoo’s strategy and where it differs to Google.

Folksonomies Are A Boon For Marketers

Wired: A growing number of websites with user-created content are relying on user-generated tags, also known as folksonomies, to let people know what’s available.

Firefox Nation

There is no greater example of the power of blogging and open source marketing than the rise of the Firefox Web browser.

Big Media Will Acquire Blogs to Stay Competitive

Sam Whitmore tells Wired News that over the next 12 to 24 months you will probably see big media companies scarf up blogs.

Google Tops The Wired 40

Wired Magazine has released its annual Wired 40 list that identifies the 40 companies that, as masters of innovation, technology and strategic vision, are driving the global economy. Once again, Google claims the first position, finishing off the top 5 of a who’s who in the Web industry.