Wink Articles

Wink Reveals New Look

You may recall my interview with Wink CEO, Michael Tanne, back in January. Tanne sends word of a new look and features for the social search engine.

Beach Leaves Yahoo for Wink

Remember Wink? The search engine that uses tagging to find the most relevant results?

The State of Search 2.0

How useful is search for you? I’m more than dissatisfied with it.

Wink’s Michael Tanne On the Future of Tagging

One of the most successful concepts of 2005 was most certainly “tagging“.

Google Opening Feed Reader API

The next API Google opens to developers will be for its RSS feed reading service, Google Reader.

Yahoo Encourages Cyber Giving

Network For Good and Yahoo have partnered on the Cyber Giving Week initiative, and provided a site with donation links, and resources and tools to help with learning about where to contribute and how it impacts taxes.

Creative Commons Facing IRS Threat

The non-profit Creative Commons licensing project needs to raise $225,000 by the end of 2005 to face down the IRS requirement of “public support.”

Wink At Powered People Search

Another day, another startup splashes online. All of the Silicon Valley insiders and the beautiful people on Memeorandum have been writing about Wink.com today, so we’ll add our two cents from the heart of the Bluegrass as well.

Wink Offers Search Engine for Tags

SiliconBeat points to Wink, a new search engine that allows you to search for “tagged” content.