Windows 8 Is Finally More Popular Than Vista

Windows 8 Is Finally More Popular Than Vista

By Zach Walton July 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

Since launch, Windows 8 has been hounded by an unavoidable fact – Windows Vista was still on more computers. The certifiable flop of an operating system had been all but abandoned with the launch of Windows 7, but Windows 8 …

Windows Vista Loses Mainstream Support Today Windows Vista Loses Mainstream Support Today
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Can you believe it’s been five years since Microsoft unleashed Windows Vista upon the general populace? Like with all operating systems released by Microsoft, it’s time for Vista to move on out to greener pastures. The greener pastures in this …

Despite 5 Awful Years, Windows Vista Still #3 Most Used OS In The World Despite 5 Awful Years, Windows Vista Still #3 Most Used OS In The World

Today marks exactly five years since Microsoft cast the cruciatus curse of operating systems onto PCs everywhere: Windows Vista. The reviews have never been… kind, to put it gently. You’d be lucky to find anyone these days who could convincingly …

Microsoft Sues British Retailer Comet Over Recovery Discs Microsoft Sues British Retailer Comet Over Recovery Discs

UPDATE: Microsoft attorney David Finn has responded to my request for comment. Click here for the full statement. Microsoft announced this morning that they have filed suit against Comet, a British retailer that specializes in electronics and appliances. The suit …

Apple Unveils New “Get a Mac” Ad

Apple has released a new commercial in their "I’m a PC" and "I’m a Mac" successful advertising campaign. The new ad is aimed directly at Windows 7, which was just released yesterday.

Which has the better OS: Apple or PC - Tell us what you think.

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Launches

Yahoo has launched its new Yahoo Messenger 9.0, instant messaging application for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Microsoft: Vista Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Suspicious Vista detractors were the target of an OS mind-trick, Microsoft grabbed a handful of people who had only heard about Vista and subjected them to the "Mojave Experiment."

It doesn’t involve probes or Area 51 or shock treatment. The Mojave Experiment involves a simple switcharoo scheme where Vista is replaced by Microsoft’s "new" new operating system, called Mojave. You can probably see where this is going already: Mojave is a trick; it’s still Vista.

“Save XP” Effort Collects Over 200,000 Signatures

It’s hard enough to get 20 people to agree on something; assembling 1,000 takes a serious trigger of some sort.  Microsoft and fans of a certain operating system might want to know, then, that a petition at InfoWorld’s SaveXP.com has gathered more than 200,000 signatures.

Bill Gates Talks Up Vista Sales

To be fair, I think any one of us would be thrilled to move 140 million copies of something.  But Microsoft is held to a higher standard, and so Bill Gates’s positive comment about Vista sales is raising some eyebrows.

Yahoo Messenger Adds Vista Support

An updated version of Yahoo Messenger arrived in a pre-beta preview for Vista users, who can install it in parallel with their existing Yahoo Messenger client.

Ballmer Gets Earful From Vista Mom

In my years of retail work, I’ve encountered tough guys, wicked old ladies, and thousands of screaming children.  Yet the scariest creatures are often the mothers of those children, and Steve Ballmer may have seen a hint of that when one woman confronted him over Windows Vista.

Vista Searches Hit Microsoft And Wikipedia

Searching the Net to find out more about Microsoft’s oft-delayed, finally-arriving operating system, Vista, sends people where they want to go today; Vista’s creator tops the list, followed by Wikipedia.

Edelman Clarifies Vista Giveaway

The angst of bloggers who admitted to receiving choice AMD laptops loaded with Windows Vista received an injection of drama as PR firm Edelman has now asked for the goodies to be returned or given away after being reviewed.

Vista Rolls Out At Digital Life

The WebProNews crew hit the Ziff Davis Media Digital Life conference at New York’s Javits Center and cast some digital media from the opening keynote back to the mothership.

Developer: Windows Vista Is Not Ready

High-level Microsoft executives may be in for more of what they don’t want to hear. After one developer says what many were thinking, those inside Vista development fulfill their own prophecy. Vista’s not ready.

Thoughts on Microsoft’s Future

The recent Microsoft news (Scoble leaving, Gates taking a reduced role, Ray Ozzie stepping up) combined with the last 10 years worth of evolution in networking and of the web really got me wondering about Microsoft’s role in the future.

Symantec Sues Microsoft

Symantec has sued Microsoft, claiming that it is violating a 1996 agreement with Veritas, which Symantec bought last year for $10.2 billion.